7 Top Cybersecurity Tools in 2022


Going online has brought many benefits for us. You can now stay in contact with friends and loved ones much more often. Starting a digital business is now an option, and following recent trends, work from home is the new norm. But, while surfing the web has brought the world at your fingertips, it has also made you equally vulnerable.

Your phone, laptop, and even personal desktop can get hacked, and your confidential data can easily get leaked. Unfortunately, there is over 300,000 new malware created every day. But this doesn’t mean you can’t protect yourself. There is a growing need to educate the business circles and masses about cybersecurity. Check out the IT security course to get expertise in cybersecurity. To combat hackers from causing substantial damage, you can use cyber tools to protect yourself.
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The Need For Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a process that allows you to protect your computer system, network, and programs from falling prey to cybercriminals. Without adequate security, it can become challenging to protect data such as personal information, intellectual property, government secrets, or financial assets from getting stolen.

This is why there are over 700,000 cybersecurity experts employed in the US alone, making cybersecurity careers the most prolific choice of profession. The skills you learn on the job and from your degree make you indispensable in designing, launching, and testing security architecture.

As technology expands and phishing attacks, malware, cyber extortion, data breaches, and harassment become rampant, the need for more cybersecurity professionals and cybersecurity tools will also increase.

So, without further ado, let’s read about some cybersecurity tools for 2022.

1.     Acunetix

Acunetix is software that tests weaknesses in your network and prevents intruders from sneaking in. This automated tool audits your web application to test for any apparent vulnerabilities that can get destroyed by malicious attacks such as cross-site scripting and gaining access to your database. In addition, Acunetix scans and performs a risk assessment of the websites you use through your browser.

After a successful session, you learn what website carries what risk and the security channels that can subside these risks. This is particularly useful for large companies since, as a business, you will have to visit hundreds of different applications and websites without knowing what cybercriminal is lurking on these pages. Acunetix comes in a range of pricing plans suitable to your business needs. These include the standard package, premium package, and Acunetix 360.

2.     Cain and Abel

Cain and Abel is a password recovery tool designed exclusively for Microsoft Windows. This tool can recover any stolen password using various methods, including network packet sniffing and cracking password hashes through brute force. Additionally, its enhanced cryptanalysis can unscramble coded passwords and provide you with the original code.

If your company is a window user, consider using Cain and Abel for password retrieval. One of the critical components hackers need to access your data is the necessary passwords. Once they get a hold of them and reset all your system passwords, you can get locked out of your database indefinitely.

3.     Kali Linux

Kali Linux is an advanced penetration testing tool with over 600 penetration programs available for your usage. These programs are user-friendly and easy to manage without a cybersecurity expert. So, as a beginner security professional, you can still use the kali Linux to test for network loopholes.

Some of the programs you find on this testing tool include Nmap, a port scanner; John The Ripper, a password cracked; and Burp Suite, a web application security scanner. Penetration testing is integral since it exposes the weak points in yield security. By stimulating an attack, you can easily pick up what entry points in your security you need to patch up, which limits potential malware attacks.

4.     Wireshark

Wireshark is an open-source packet analyzer. It is helpful for network analysis, troubleshooting, and software development. It retrieves information in packets, making it easier for you to detect the problem and fix the source. Wireshark was known initially as Ethereal, but after 2006 due to trademark issues, it got renamed. This tool can run on any operating system, including the popular IOS and Microsoft.

The 21st century is brimming with internet traffic. While you’re visiting different websites, various users interact with your webpage. However, not every traffic your website attracts is friendly, so it’s essential to monitor the activity happening on the network and prevent a potential attack.

5.     Norton

Norton antivirus is an anti-malware software product hailing from the family of NortonLifeLock. This tool would help identify viruses and additional security features such as e-mail spam filtering and phishing protection. Getting Norton antivirus is a smart choice since it offers a one-stop solution to all computer virus-related problems, including virus removal and malware protection. It also provides your network with a secure VPN. You can even use this software to perform a cloud backup, treat it as a password manager, and utilize its malware protection features.

6.     Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes is an anti-malware software suitable for all types of operating systems. This product has both a free and a paid version. The free version allows you to scan and remove malware. However, you have to initiate the process manually. The paid version also provides scheduled scans and valuable features such as anomaly detection. In addition, the software protects you against ransomware, malware, and virus-ridden websites. With over 1 billion malware out there, this is a must-have software.

7.     John The Ripper

John The Ripper is a free password cracking software tool best used for password testing, breaking programs, and auto-detecting password hash types. However, while you can primarily use this software to test the password’s strength, it can also look for hash-type passwords, complicated ciphers, algorithms, and coded logins. Over the years, breaking into passwords has become significantly easier. It is partly because most people choose to keep predictable information as to their gatekeeper and don’t authenticate the two-factor login.

Predictable passwords include milestones such as birth dates or loved ones’ birthdays, anniversary dates, pets’ names, and pets’ dates of birth. In addition, some people lean towards an effortless combination of numbers instead of mixing up the password with special symbols, numbers, and letters. Therefore, you can salvage some damage using John The Ripper and opt for more robust and unpredictable passwords to protect your data.

Final Thoughts

Cybersecurity has become a salient feature of working in online spaces in this digital era. Unfortunately, cybercrimes are both high profile and expensive to deal with, often resulting in reporting to the police. Therefore, the only way around falling victim to these crimes is by using cyber tools to protect your digital workspace. There are also numerous tools to explore and add to your security checklist. These include the network weakness detector such as Acunetix, the password recovery tool Cain and Abel, and a penetration expert, Kali Linux.

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