7 Hill Stations Near Bangalore for a Fun-filled New Year Celebration

New Year is just around the corner! If you are looking for a getaway to usher in the new year away from the hustle and bustle of the city and spend some time alone amidst nature, you have stumbled upon the perfect article. Listed down below are five beautiful hill stations situated near Bangalore that can be your ideal destination for new year celebrations.

However, an important acknowledgement must be made before we move forward. Gone are the days when you could just book a bus ticket and head out for a vacation. But now, amidst the pandemic protocols, you must maintain all precautions, book a safe and sanitized outstation cab from Bangalore, and unwind while being safe.

Now without any further ado, let us look at the getaway spots.


Situated 246 km away from Bangalore, Kemmanagundi is ideal for enjoying a quick vacation.

This hill station will reel you in with its beauty and breathtaking views of lush vegetation and beautiful mountain streams. The place is perfect for disconnecting and unwinding.

You can also visit some of the most popular tourist spots here, like Bhadra Tiger Reserve, Hebbe Falls, Kalhattagiri Falls, Baba Budan Hills, and Z point.

A small travel tip: Do not miss the breathtaking view of the sunset from the Raj Bhavan.


For a romantic getaway, a rejuvenating vacation, or a soul-searching trip, Coorg can fulfil all your New Year travel goals!

Coorg or traditionally known as Kodagu is a sleepy hilly hamlet tucked on the Western Ghats. Surrounded by misty valleys, rolling hills, lush coffee plantations, and pristine waterfalls, it’s a treat for all senses and a thing of beauty that no traveller ever forgets.

Situated 246 km away from Bangalore, the region is rich in history and culture, as well as timeless beauty, and it offers salvation through its natural beauty, temples, monasteries, traditions, and much more. A Bangalore to Coorg cab journey can traverse you through the most picturesque locations in this hamlet.


Situated 7000 feet above sea level on the southern tip of upper Panini hills is the tranquil hill station, Kodaikanal.

Kodaikanal is located 469 km away from Bangalore. It is a peaceful hill station, a safe space away from the chaos of the city.

Some of the must-visit places of the hill station are Silver Cascade, Bear Shola Falls, Pillar Rocks, and Bryant Park.

Horsley Hills

Another beautiful hill station situated at an altitude of 1265 meters, Horsley Hills, can be your ideal gateway for new year celebrations.

Serene and enchanting, this hill station is popular among both adventure seekers and nature lovers. Various bird species and a large variety of trees like sandalwood, eucalyptus, Gulmohar, Jacaranda adorn the place. You can also visit the beautiful Lake Gangotri or the Environmental Park.

For adventure lovers, Horsley Hills also offers zorbing and other adventure sports.


Often known as miniature Ooty, Yercaud can be your perfect weekend getaway. Bestowed with beautiful landscapes, Yercaud even offers a variety of activities for its visitors. One can hike and trek or just relax and unwind while taking boat rides or visiting serene waterfalls.

Also, for animal lovers, the forests of Yercaud houses animals like mongoose, bison, foxes, deer, and a variety of birds. So make sure you keep binoculars and a camera handy.


Looking for an offbeat destination to celebrate the year-end? Then head to Agumbe.

Situated at an altitude of 826 meters, this hill station receives fewer visitors but can definitely awe you with its magnificence. Perfect for large groups of family and friends, the ambient climate and lush greenery are bound to put you in a festive mood; this place also offers trekking trails.


Situated 265 km away from Bangalore, the town of Ooty is tucked into the heart of the Nilgiris, making it a part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. The lush landscape with tea estates, valleys, and forested lands on one hand and the classic vibes of the good old days make this hill station the perfect New Year getaway.

From hills and valleys to lakes, waterfalls, and forests, there’s no dearth of Ooty attractions for you to see and explore. Ooty includes a host of adventures and interesting activities that you do like safari, trekking and camping. A Bangalore to Ooty cab will let you relish the beauty of the Ooty with comfort and stopover at offbeat attractions on the way.

Hopefully, the article gave you some worthwhile ideas to celebrate the ushering of the new year. Lastly, while travelling, make sure you follow all safety protocols and enjoy responsibly.

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