7 Easy to use Cross-Stitching Design Software For Windows(2022)

In cross stitch design, you stitch a person’s image or an embroidery design. In addition, you can also perform creative tasks using this software. A few decades ago, stitching was complicated. In the past, people used many different techniques that were complicated and time-consuming. 

Nowadays, however, it is much easier to create stitch designs. You can make the cross-stitch of the window with an internet connection and a computer with good specifications. If you want to perform cross-stitching digitally and look for software that will help you in the formation of patterns, you’ve come to the right place.

Here, we will disclose a List of Cross-Stitch Software for Windows that will help you a lot in converting images into creative ways or small parts. With this stitching software, you’ll be able to design embroidery for yourself and market the design to clients for the market.


If you’re using Windows 10 and looking for an accessible version of cross stitching software, the embroidery software can meet your needs. It is ideal for those using Windows 10 and runs smoothly to help you make the design/images quickly.

For your convenience, it will be broken out into 5 simple steps: First, choose the images which you want to convert into the form of a pattern. Go and open the software embroidery.

Select the picture you want to customize, and change the quality of color if you’re going to change it. Select the size of boxes, horizontal and vertical lines, click on the create button.Your required design will be created in a short time automatically.


  • This software contains maximum color, and you can choose any color to apply to the stitching pattern.
  • Gridlines are also present with images in this app. You can take advantage of this feature.
  • The dropper present in embroidery software will help you drop the color in the pattern.
  • Some tools in this software, such as scissors, needles, practices, and droppers, make it enjoyable to use.
  1. GIMP

Gimp is free and popular software that makes stitching patterns and image editing. This software helps you form pixelated images, and you can change them into a pattern.

Open the software and click the option of opening from the main menu.

After that, it moves towards the> filter >changes the image’s shape into the distorted or mosaic.Change the quality, color, shape, size, borderline, and pixels. Last, click on the OK option, and your stitch image is now ready for use.


  • You can adjust the pixels of different styles, qualities, and colours. E.g., you can change the image into square, triangle, rectangular, and circle.
  • Likewise, you can switch from color to green, blue, brown, and more.
  • You can highlight it or keep it unchanged according to your need.
  • Grid-Lines are also present in the images.
  1. CANVA

CANVA is a graphic design company that helps many people with different graphics, including the construction of stitching patterns of images.But CANVA is not operated offline, so you’ll need an internet connection.

Using this software to make the stitch-pattern image is easy: you have to open the software and go into the MAIN MENU. You have to upload the required picture into the software which pattern is needed. Afterward, please select the image and apply different factors and stitching patterns.


  • You can design all basic things by using its basic version. 
  • The program meets every need of the user. 
  • You can change shape, size, mosaic, pattern, and much more.

Due to easy use, PC stitch is my choice from the beginning. It is operated on all types of window versions, and the interface of this software is user-friendly. This way makes it easy to design a pattern that you can easily use in the workplace.

To use it, go to MAIN MENU and select the file. Then, choose the image to require in the formation of the stitching pattern. Then, you just have to apply the favorite design and adjust the size, color, and pattern lines. You can customize it by using different tools.


  • Pre-made list of different patterns.
  • Simple interface that is very easy to understand for you.
  • The file size is small with good quality to export easily.
  1. KG-Chart

This software is unique due to the opportunity for customized work and patterns. There is no need to upload a photo. Instead, it gives you a chance to design your design according to your requirement. The use of KG-Chart is easy. First, you’ve to open the software, choose the image or make the pattern curve by yourself and customize it.


  • Enhance the skill of curve formation and if you’re an experienced person in this field.
  • Customize features of stitching patterns to make creative.
  • It is easy for even new users since it has an intuitive interface.

Blend thread is a free stitching software that makes it easier to construct various types of designs.For the use of this software, you’ve to select the image, go into the MAIN MENU and apply the pattern and stitches whatever you want to make.


  • Pack of practical and attractive stitching patterns, and all kinds of advanced features are present in it.
  • The blend thread option that helps you in the blending makes it unique, and its version is updated with time.
  • The interface is user-friendly, and even newbies can use it comfortably.

Free cross stitch software will help you form stitching patterns from every type of image.During the use of software, it is not necessary to download this software on your PC, and after running it, you can do it from an online source and explore your creativity.


  • You can check the pattern by zooming and hiding or showing the gridlines.
  • This software will help you change the pattern and size of the boxes.
  • It will help you form different formats like PNG, JPG, PDF, and much more.

Last But Not Least

We’ve compiled a list of the best cross stitch design software that is easy to use. You can choose the software according to your work and system specifications.

Is there software that sounds better? If you’ve any questions regarding cross stitch design software, we’re still available to help you.

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