7 Best Static Site Generators(SSGs) to use in 2022

It takes a protracted time and plenty of experience to create and update a website – and many individuals simply don’t have either of these resources out there. If you compose that camp, then it’s price considering a static website generator.

A high-grade static website generator will take your custom website templates, mix those with content drawn from many sources, so} produce and publish pages within seconds – so you’ll quickly generate new pages and make new content while not having to think about complex CMS systems or writing something from scratch.

The best static website generators churn out high-quality pages with speed and preciseness, and they’re able to support many completely different templates, plugins, and themes – and they will grab content from many completely different places.

We’ve gathered eight of the simplest right here, thus you’re sure to realize the correct product for your website. You don’t have to stop there if you would like some web-design help: look at our picks of the simplest website builder services.


 Lots of static website generators square measure discouraging if you don’t have a technical background, however, Eleventy tries to stags the trend with stress on simplicity.

Its simplicity doesn’t mean that Eleventy lacks options. imposingly, you’ll be able to use and blend 10 different guide languages once you build sites victimization this product, from HTML and Markdown to Javascript, and Eleventy conjointly supports custom file extension handlers and therefore the ability to feature plugins during server-free surroundings.

It’s a free item, as well, hence you have no justifiable reason to instigate going, especially assuming that you wish to make destinations with numerous languages.


Static Site Generator with GUI to build a safe, fast and SEO-friendly website.

Publii is a powerful blogging app that empowers new-media creators with the publishing tools they need to share their thoughts, ideas, and creations with the world. It is a desktop-based CMS for Windows, Mac and Linux that makes creating static websites fast and hassle-free, even for beginners.

A portion of its key benefits are summed up beneath:

⦁ It’s protected. The application is “close impervious” to programmers since it works provincially, in this manner you don’t get to stress concerning security refreshes and physically overseeing data sets to store your work.

⦁ It’s movable. The Publii is just a work area application in this manner you’ll have the option to deal with your site wherever, and it allows numerous clients to any or all team up on one site.

⦁ It’s easy to move. Assuming you’re moving from WordPress, it’s an inherent WordPress financial specialist to move your posts, pages and classes.

⦁ It’s quick. The speed of Publii’s web content is unimaginably awesome and they square measure planned considering execution.


 If you’re confounded concerning that SSG to choose, consider Gatsby because it’s very famous on purpose. Gatsby is made on the famous React.js system and therefore, offers a strong connection point right out of the crate.

The pages load wonderfully and it pre-brings the following pages to control the client that PWA (Progressive Web App) sensation of a local application, on account of React.js.

Also, it’s a flourishing local area, that brags over 2000 modules. This simplifies it to look out a module for almost all that you wish to attempt to. for instance, there’s a module to precisely pull posts from a WordPress weblog and switch them into a static site.

Gatsby also has modern sponsorship and this incorporates the Gatsby Cloud administration, which makes it simpler to make and host your static destinations. also, there’s gifted help to help support your presentation.

There is most you’ll do with Gatsby. The people group is moreover there to help, as well as the intricate documentation pages. In this way, it’s worth figuring out.


Next.js could be a JavaScript system planned on high of the React.js structure. Thus, this infers that you simply can need each React.js structure and the Node.js setting to run Next.js.

You can utilize Next.js to either produce pages at construct time or render the pages at the solicitation time. This component makes it a cross breed framework with picture support, examination, recording framework, API courses, and intrinsical CSS support.

Heaps of huge name brands run Next.js and this records for its utility. one among them is TikTok. the sole issue here is the expectation to learn and adapt because you might need to be constrained to perceive Next.js, React.js, and Node.js to make things work. 


Created on the Vue.js system and double-dealing GraphQL for data imports, Gridsome produces PWA static pages during a very much like a way to Gatsby. They load rapidly and wonderfully, with page pre-bringing for a local application feel.

While the Gridsome project is more youthful, it choices a decent shift of modules to help with each sort of use, also making it identical to Gatsby.

Nonetheless, it’s for designers of the Vue structure, even as Gatsby is for the React system. All things considered, its local community can be more modest, but it’s developing.


The pelican static site generator isn’t as an element full on the grounds that the elective generators here, neither will it strive in ease of use or establishment ease. What it offers, be that as it may, might be a Python air.

There are 2 advantages here. In the first place, Python sweethearts get to figure on their #1 control centre, and second, broadening the generator’s common sense is less convoluted for any Python educated.

Pelican isn’t so developed as most elective comes on this rundown, but it acknowledges reStructuredText and Markdown records for content, topics, Atom/RSS channels, and furthermore the capacity to import data from a WordPress weblog.


Scully static site generator is composed for the Angular system. The device changes a current undertaking into measurable HTML and CSS records, each of which is a gotten done, view-prepared piece of your application.

That empowers a happy time improvement of moving substance to the client, because of the different decreases of the volume of moved information and no requirement for the application to produce continuously.

Slazzer – background remover

Eliminate and add another foundation to your pictures immediately with Slazzer. It upholds JPG, PNG, and JPEG organizations, and you can in a real sense transfer any picture into it, regardless of whether it’s very intricate. 

Their AI PC vision calculation has the ability to separate between befuddling objects like hair and, surprisingly, comparative tones to isolate the foundation.

You can either utilize it on the web or download their work area application to handle pictures in mass consequently. It additionally has a portable application, Photoshop module, Shopify module, WooCommerce module, and Figma module for a similar cycle yet across various stages.

Slazzer offers their API also, with which you can eliminate foundation with a solitary API call.


Static site generators make it conceivable to rapidly and easily produce static destinations. With numerous SSGs accessible, you have boundless conceivable outcomes and choices for making your ideal site. 

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