6 Smart Tools That’ll Keep Your Food Fresh for Longer

How many times has your food or fresh produce gone bad, be it in the pantry or the refrigerator?

Perhaps more times than you’d like to remember.

The thing is, it’s not easy to keep food in good condition for an extended period, and a lot of that has to do with how you store your food.

For thousands of years, humans have been devising ways of keeping food in good condition. With the smart tools that modern times afford us, things are a lot easier

Now you have a wide range of products to use for storage to reduce instances of things going bad.

Let’s highlight some of the smart tools that’ll keep your food fresh for longer.

  1. Cereal Dispenser

Dry cereals hardly ever go bad before the expiry date. Surprisingly, it’s common to find your rice or grains growing mold somewhere in the kitchen or pantry area.

When that happens, it’s usually outside agents that have caused the food products to spoil. Perhaps your dry food products got exposed to moisture, fluctuating temperatures, or even dust particles.

Before you place your dry foods into jars and throw them into the pantry, you should consider a cereal dispenser. The large and clear container is made of solid plastic material, and you can mount it on the wall.

The dispenser comes with multiple sections or columns for holding various cereals.

  1. Airtight Food Storage Containers

Storage containers have kept evolving with new needs. Today, a modern kitchen isn’t complete without a set of airtight containers for storing dry food items like grains, flour, and other powdery products.

These containers are generally crafted from robust plastic materials that can withstand accidental drops from shelves. The materials are also waterproof and designed to safeguard food against contamination, a leading cause of food going bad.

But the best part about the containers is that they’re airtight, protecting against bacteria.

  1. Produce Baskets

While plastic baskets have been hanging around kitchens for a while, they’re not the ideal place to put fresh produce. You want something that remains dry and airy, prolonging freshness.

Wire baskets are a new entry when it comes to kitchen storage. These baskets are made of durable steel, giving them a robust construction.

The wired design makes the baskets especially open and airy, something that goes a long way to keeping produce fresh for longer.

  1. Airtight Glass Canisters

While plastics are convenient, glass canisters are outright necessary for any kitchen. Your spices, snacks, condiments, powders, and cereals couldn’t find a better home than a durable glass jar.

The canisters are perfect for products that go bad quickly. They are also ideal for products that are vulnerable to air and moisture leakage, such as spices and herbs.

Herbs like weed should definitely be kept airtight in these canisters to maintain potency. It takes a bit of a learning curve to properly store cannabis flower so that it lasts.

Glass canisters come in various sizes for storing different items and for increased storage space.

  1. Silicone Stretch Lids

How often have you scratched your head, standing in your kitchen looking for something to cover a container that doesn’t have a lid?

After all, lids have a weird way of vanishing if you don’t have a proper organization system.

Covering some food products like sliced fruits is also a challenge, and you’ll need plastic wraps which aren’t effective.

Now you can rest easy once you get yourself a silicone stretch lid, one of the latest kitchen inventions. You can stretch these flexible tools to cover bowls, pots, and containers of varying sizes.

  1. Herb Keeper

You don’t have a kitchen garden for fresh herbs and veggies?

You’re tired of opening your refrigerator and finding stale vegetables?

The self-hydrating container takes care of that problem. It comes with an inner section that allows air and water through its vents.

You can place your herb keeper on shelves or inside the refrigerator. Either way, your herbs, and veggies will last a lot longer than they used to.

Final Thoughts

The old ways of storing food aren’t effective, especially when it comes to maintaining freshness. That’s what new innovative methods are here to change. If you’ve been struggling to keep things fresh, one or more of the above smart tools will come in handy.

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