6 Smart Hacks To Increase Your Bathroom Storage

6 Smart Hacks To Increase Your Bathroom Storage

Usually, no one likes to spend 1000’s of dollars on bathroom renovations just to increase the space. But everyone does like to have a bathroom with ample storage capacity. Moreover, you can add up an affordable and high-quality cabinet into your bathroom vanity to increase space in your bathroom. So, the  Kitchen Design Gallery selling NKBC Cabinets can be a perfect choice to add extra space and elegance to your bathroom.

Therefore, this smart and amazing guide is full of hacks to increase your Bathroom Storage. Moreover, Kitchen Design Gallery will definitely solve your problem regarding keeping stuff in the bathroom is a really smart and budget-friendly DIY. So, let’s move down there.

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1.     Make A Bucket Tower

2.     Hang Baskets To Wall

3.     Add Shelf Around Pedestal Sink

4.     Add Tower Racks

5.     Stick Racks Inside Your Vanity Doors

6.     Old Drawer into Storage Shelves

7.     Conclusion


Make A Bucket Tower:

This is a really smart yet cheap hack to hold all your extra essentials into the bucket tower. So, this will help you greatly in increasing the storage space and organizing your messy items.

Moreover, for this amazing all you need is to;

  • Buy 4 small utensil holder buckets from any shop or online store.
  • Tie up these buckets with an 8-inch difference with a strong string.
  • Lastly, attach a stick now or holder and then hang them vertically with it.
  • So, you can fill it up with bathroom essentials, makeup, and hair styling gadgets. 

Hang Baskets To Wall:

Hanging baskets to the wall will look affordable or cheaper, pricey and pretty as well. Moreover, it will also create lots of storage to keep your towels, bathroom cleaning liquids, shampoos, soaps, and other shower essentials. However, to make them look nicer and eye-catching add any fresh plant, or floral décor to enhance the charm of your bathroom.

So, all you need to do is;

  • Take-Two to three medium-size buckets with narrow holes.
  • Then horizontally install two towel bars one after the other.
  • Now tie the bucket facing the front with a strong thread to the towel bars tightly.
  • So, you’re done and allowed to put all the bathroom essentials over it.

Add Shelf Around Pedestal Sink:

As pedestal sinks in the bathroom are not a very storage-friendly option. Moreover, they have only space to hold a soap case or hand wash dispenser. So, it’s really necessary to add a little more space around the pedestal sinks to make them look nice and useful as well. So, look on any online store to get your hands on any curved shelf or vanity cabinets around the pedestal sink tail. In addition, this will greatly increase your storage space in the bathroom.

Add Towel Racks:

The towel is one of the most essential items in a bathroom. So, they get wet quickly and eventually smell. Therefore, you need to spread them full to let them dry. However, drying demands multiple tower racks.

  • So, you can add multiple vertical towel racks above your bathroom window, right-left of your bathroom sink, or even at the back of your door.
  • Lastly, this will help you greatly in increasing the storage space of your bathroom.

Stick Racks Inside Your Vanity Doors:

You can simply buy a few sticks on pods. Moreover, these stick-on pods are sticky organizers which help in increasing the space by holding many mini items.

So, all you need to do is;

  • Stick these racks inside the doors of your bathroom vanity, inside cabinet doors, and above your sink as well.
  • Lastly, this is a great hack for organizing your makeup items and other essentials. And your bathroom will look the finest.

Old Drawer into Storage Shelves:

  • The most affordable yet classy storage hack for your bathroom. So, you can simply use an old dressing table or bedside table drawer.
  • Clean it up well.
  • Paint it with any contrast or match the paint of your bathroom interior.
  • Hang it vertically and toss it up with bathroom items. Lastly, perfect and trendy storage-increasing hack for your bathroom.

Buying Cabinets:

In your bathroom, vanity cabinets are one of the most essential items. Moreover, they play great storage roles in keeping your essential bathroom items. Therefore, you need to choose your bathroom vanity cabinets with great attention. In addition, there are many well-known bathroom cabinet brands. But affordable and trendy options are hard to find. 

So, Kitchen Design Gallery brings you a huge range of cabinets but the premium quality they are selling is NKBC Cabinets. A name of Quality and Elegance. So, one could not resist buying.


So, from above you will get a great idea of many smart hacks at affordable or cheaper prices Moreover, these hacks will greatly help you enhance the storage space of your mini bathrooms in a budget-friendly yet trendy idea. In addition, you can use any old wooden drawer, some cheap sticky racks, towel hangers, old utensil buckets, and plastic baskets to enhance your storage in a few hours of working.

These kinds of home hacks keep you busy and save your money as well. However, there are some really affordable options in the market for affordable and high-quality cabinets. Like NKBC Kitchen Cabinets are of great quality, have high storage capacity, and have a huge variety of colors and designs. Lastly, try any of the above-mentioned home hacks to increase your bathroom storage organically.

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