6 Romantic Things You Can Do When You’re in a Long-distance Relationship

Long-distance relationships can be incredibly hard, and can often cause frustrations that could lead to the end of the relationship. You might see couples all around you, enjoying each other’s company, while your loved one is on another continent. The contact you have may start to feel as if it’s not satisfying enough to keep the relationship going. 

However, you can do romantic things to spice up your relationship. 

6 Romantic Things You Can Do In a Long-distance Relationship

Even though you’re physically separated by distance, you can still do some of the normal couple activities to keep your relationship going strong. 

Date Night

You can still have dinner dates, even if you aren’t together. If you’re too embarrassed to do it in public, you can make certain arrangements to have your dates at home. Since you might face a time difference, you’ll probably not be able to eat the same meal together, for example, one of you might eat lunch, while the other one is having dinner. However, it can be fun to make arrangements beforehand, about what you’re going to eat, or if you’ll be making other arrangements to make it feel more like a date night.

Virtual Connection

A video conversation every day can become a bit of a chore, so you will have to try some other options to keep your interactions interesting. One exciting option is to share your daily lives with each other by creating video blogs. You can even use a tripod or other equipment to go hands-free. Bring some naughtiness in, if you can. 

Take a Virtual Day Trip

Take your partner with you for a virtual adventure through the city or town where you live now. If you enjoy going out into nature or the countryside, you can take them there as well. The idea is to send them photos, text messages and even short video clips to keep them up to date with what you’re doing. Your partner can do the same. It will add some excitement to your lives if you could do this every few weeks. If you’re not able to travel much, you could even do this in and around your own home. Since you’re in a new place, your romantic partner will be interested to know how you’re keeping yourself busy in this environment. 

Watch Movies and TV Shows 

Another interesting activity is to watch movies and television shows together. Look for online versions of shows that you can watch, so that you won’t be prevented by different time zones from watching together. It’s a great bonding opportunity for you and your partner to discuss movies and television shows after watching them. 

Play Games

There are many online games that allow players in different parts of the world to compete against each other. You could even create an online world where the two of you live together, even if there is a physical distance between you at the moment. Playing these games will help you see your partner in a new light and give you more insight into how they think. You can try out different games to see what you enjoy the most. 

If you don’t like computer games, you can play normal board games or card games while using your video chat software. 

Keeping Conversations Relevant

Conversations can quickly become boring and you can run out of things to say to each other. Make sure you have relevant topics to discuss that will also help you maintain your emotional connection. For example, you can try to plan interesting things for when you see each other again, such as your next holiday. 

It’s also important to talk about your long-distance relationship itself. You need to know how long you’ll be apart and when you’ll finally be able to move in together. 

Final Thoughts

As physical intimacy is restricted during your long-distance relationship, you need to maintain emotional intimacy with your partner. 

You need to be able to communicate openly with each other to maintain emotional intimacy. It’s easier to make your relationship work if you can express your feelings and thoughts clearly and if you trust your partner. Your partner should also be able to express themselves clearly with the knowledge that you’ll never judge them.

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