6 Qualities to Look for in an Employment Lawyer

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Employment law can be a complex issue, which is why having a skilled employment lawyer in Kansas City on your side is such a valuable asset. But what is it that sets a great lawyer apart from their competition? Here are six traits that you should look for in any lawyer that you’re thinking of hiring to represent you in your employment law case.

6 Qualities to Look for in an Employment Lawyer in Kansas City

1. Relevant Experience

You wouldn’t hire somebody without experience to repair your car or fix something around your house, so why would that be any different with something as important as hiring a lawyer? You should make sure that the lawyer you’re hiring has plenty of experience handling employment cases. Asking them about past cases they’ve tried and for references from previous clients can be useful ways to get this information.

More than just having a proven track record for success in employment law in general, you should check that the lawyer is familiar with the type of case that you’re involved in. Employment law covers a wide variety of subjects, from wrongful termination cases to issues with employment contracts. Hiring a lawyer that has handled the specific type of case you have on your hands will increase the likelihood of a favorable outcome.

2. Quality Communication

An employment lawsuit will often be a lengthy process. There will be many steps involved in bringing your case to a resolution. You’ll need to stay in constant communication with your lawyer throughout every step so that you can stay informed as to what’s happening and coordinate with them.

You can often tell if a lawyer has adequate communication skills from the early interactions that you have with them. Even before you start working with them in an official capacity, a lawyer should be able to respond to your questions in a timely fashion. Ideally, you’ll be able to find a lawyer who is available 24/7 and who communicates with you through the medium of your preference.

3. Personal Attentiveness

Going hand in hand with communication skills is the lawyer’s capacity to give your case the focus it needs and deserves. Every lawyer will undoubtedly have multiple cases in their workload that they need to divide their resources between. However, this is no excuse for neglecting your case.

Talking to your lawyer about their current caseload and the resources they will be able to dedicate to your case specifically will help you set the correct expectations for later down the road. As part of this part of the process, ask them if the attorney themselves will be your personal point of contact throughout the case or if someone else at the law firm will be in touch with you.

4. Sense of Integrity

Honesty is the backbone of the legal system, and good employment lawyers in Kansas City, MO have a strong sense of values. They should be invested in your case to right the wrong you suffered. They should also be committed to upholding proper decorum in the courtroom, and treat all parties involved in the case with the respect that they deserve.

Any disrespect in the initial communications you have with a lawyer is a red flag that should make you wary of working with them. Not only is this respectful way of carrying oneself simply the right thing to do, but it can also be beneficial to your case. People will notice this sense of integrity and it will paint your case in the best light possible.

5. Innovative Ideas

The ability to think outside the box is an asset for any lawyer. They’ll be able to explore new ways to get a positive resolution to your case. Having a lawyer willing to employ new ideas on your side in the courtroom can help find solutions that other lawyers might miss, potentially giving them the edge they need to help you succeed.

Noticing this quality before hiring a lawyer can be difficult but not impossible. For example, you might ask them about any creative solutions the lawyer has used in previous cases they’ve worked on. This proven ability to think creatively will let them bring fresh ideas to your case.

6. Effective Organization

Organization is crucial to success in the courtroom. With all of the various documents, evidence, and other material involved in a legal case, keeping a clear structure is vital to being able to build a strong case. Your lawyer should be able to effectively manage these various parts to develop a cohesive case.

One sign of good organization to look out for is punctuality in showing up for appointments or keeping in touch with you. The workspace of a lawyer can also tell you a great deal about their organization skills; a cluttered, poorly-laid-out office might be a sign of potential issues.

Take your time when looking for the right person to represent you in your legal case. Look for all of these qualities and don’t settle for a lawyer who will give you subpar representation in your fight for justice.

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