6 Crucial Steps To Teaching Empirical Formula

empirical formula

Yes, chemical reactions need very focused attention to avoid any disturbance in the process until completion. This is why you must keep things easy to understand without getting indulged in complexity. It can only be achieved by two methods. First, use the simplest formula to represent the reactants and products involved. The second and the most important step is to use a free online empirical formula calculator by calculator-online.net for this purpose. 

Well, in this organic read, I will be discussing the five most important steps to determine the empirical formula of the substance.

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Steps To Teach Empirical Formula:

Here is a brief explanation of the procedure involved while you are going to teach the empirical formula to scholars.

Get To Grams:

Whenever you ask your students to determine the empirical formula, you give them the amount of the substance in grams. Make sure you ask them to convert the percentage into grams for making the calculations easy to understand. For this purpose, first, ask your scholars to solve those problems that contain the conversion of percentages into grams. I will clarify their concept in more depth. 

Conversion Into Moles:

After your students convert the percentage amount into grams, teach them how to find the number of moles. Tell them that if they divide the grams by atomic masses of each element in the substance, they will get the number of moles. For instance, ask them to use a free online empirical formula calculator to calculate the empirical formula of the substance immediately.

As this is a little bit tricky step, stop here and ask your students if they have any questions. These will make them learn better and get a firm grip over the concept.

Dividing By The Atomic Masses:

You should give some problems to your students and ask them to solve them. For example; give your students 10g of the substance and tell them they need to divide it by 10.23g/mol. Here what you teach your students is a proper conversion of decimals into fractions for better understanding and fast results. In case you feel any difficulty, you can guide them on how to find empirical formulas with the help of an empirical formula calculator.


Divide By Smallest:

At this step, you need to tell students that they will have 2 or 3 or even more numbers in front of them on the sheet. Tell them not to panic. Guide them to pick the smallest one of all and divide all remaining ones with that particular number chosen. 

For example: Suppose you have 2.12, 4.23, and 2.22. Look that 2.12 is the smallest number. So simply divide all remaining numbers and write the answers below.

Rounding To Whole Numbers:

This is a very crucial point that scholars need to get through. Being a chemistry teacher, you must tell them that they have to write answers in the whole numbers form. For this purpose, ask them to round off the number to the nearest possible whole number.

For example: In case they get 1.002, teach them to round it off to 1. The free empirical formula calculator also displays the final answer in the form of whole numbers.

Teach Use Of Online Chemistry Calculators:

Being a teacher, it is your humble duty to teach your students in such a way that they do not feel difficult in learning things better. You must teach them the usage of various online tools such as empirical formula calculators. It will definitely yield them to the destination in their calculations and accurate results. 

Bonus Guide For Molecular Formulas:

Well, the molecular formula is the simplest whole number formula that is used to represent any molecule. You must guide your students that if they have the empirical formula, then they can convert it into the molecular formula as well. Tell them that they just need to calculate the molar mass of the current empirical formula and divide it by the total mass of the molecule given in the problem. 

Here the free combustion analysis calculator also plays an important role. It always assists you to calculate empirical formulas with the help of which you can easily depict the molecular mass of any substance.

Wrapping It Up:

An empirical formula is the most generic formula that is considered to represent a substance. It actually shows the whole number ratio among elements and compounds. Chemists need to have a sound knowledge of these terms to better get a grip over the problems in chemical analysis. In this article, I briefly explained how you can teach students to find empirical formulas. Also, the importance of free online empirical formula calculators has also been enlightened again and again.

I hope this will help you a lot!

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