6 Best Muscle Relaxers You Can Try Your Hand On

Muscle pain can arise from various conditions such as exercise, sitting for long hours, bad posture, and other activities. Various types of muscle relaxers, both synthetic and natural, can help you deal with multiple types of muscle pain. 

Muscles relaxers are suitable for dealing with muscle pains such as soreness and inflammations. Using natural or organic muscle relaxers is safer and more effective because they help you deal with other conditions that may arise from or cause muscle pains. 


Kratom is suitable for a wide range of muscle conditions due to its potential anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it potentially beneficial for w muscle soreness. It contains Mitragynine which is suitable especially for patients with arthritis and rheumatism. 

Kratom can be a good remedy for inducing sleep, which relieves muscle tension. Rest is also suitable for reducing stress and anxiety, which can cause the muscles to tighten and increase the pain.  It is best when used at night to wake up feeling fresh with no muscle pains. Borneo Kratom is one of the best Kratom strains to deal with muscle injuries and pain.  You can also go for tested kratom vendors, such as anxiety, stress relief, mood enhancement, and insomnia remedies.


CBD is one of the best natural elements suitable for dealing with various types of muscle pains. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties can be suitable for dealing with swollen and sore muscles. The compounds in CBD stimulate the production of endocannabinoids, hence preventing muscle contraction, which is the primary source of muscle pains.  An adequate supply of endocannabinoids improves muscle relaxation enabling you to deal with muscle pains. CBD oil also allows you to relax hence reducing the effects of the pain. 

The medicinal hemp oil can also act as an analgesic to reduce pain and enable the muscles to relax effectively. It is suitable for people with muscle pains because it does not have any THC; hence you can use it without getting high. While selecting CBD oil, you need to consider quality products made from organic cannabis plants so that you enjoy the full effects. 

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Turmeric root powder

Turmeric contains curcumin that controls and prevents inflammation. Curcumin has the same effects as other artificial painkillers, such as ibuprofen and Tylenol. Instead of relying on these NSAIDs, you can use turmeric powder and avoid conditions related to excessive use of NSAIDs. 

Turmeric can also reduce muscle pains and soreness after exercise and hard labor, essential for athletes. There are various types of turmeric powder available in the market; the most suitable one for muscle pains should contain high levels of fat or peperine, which will increase the level at which the body absorbs curcumin.  Those undergoing chemotherapy should also avoid turmeric powder with higher concentrations of peperine and Bioperine. However, it is unsuitable for pregnant women and those suffering from bile duct issues or gallstones.  

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Peppermint can help those suffering from leg and back muscle pains caused by inflammations. It contains menthol, which has a cooling effect on sore muscles, controlling muscle spasms. Menthol is also a suitable pain reliever, and most people prefer it due to the fast action on painful areas. You can consume it through mint-infused tea by adding mint leaves in boiling tea. 

Vitamin D

A 15-minutes exposure to direct sunlight is enough to boost vitamin D levels in the body. For those who live in cold regions, getting vitamin D from the sun can be a challenge; hence you need Vitamin D supplements. The best Vitamin D supplements should be organic to limit the effects of artificial chemicals in the body. 

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Vitamin D is essential in boosting muscle strength, stability, functioning, and preventing muscle illnesses. Improving the stability of muscles prevents conditions such as muscle tension and pain problems that can cause pain in the back and the neck. 


Magnesium deficiency is one of the causes of muscle tension; hence, increasing magnesium relieves muscle tension and takes away the pain. The supplements are suitable for dealing with muscle conditions such as leg cramps. Instead of buying magnesium supplements from the store, you can use chelated magnesium supplements because they have high absorbability than over-the-counter supplements. 

Various forms of magnesium can be suitable for muscle relaxation. The most effective forms include magnesium glycinate and magnesium carbonate. Both are suitable for muscle relaxation; however, the body absorbs more magnesium glycinate than carbonate.

One can also use magnesium oil or magnesium spray on areas with muscle pain. The skin will absorb it directly hence relieving the pain. Magnesium oil and spray are better because they are absorbed directly into the muscles instead of the supplements that go through the digestive system then transported by the blood to the needed areas. 


A good muscle relaxer should handle other conditions related to muscle pains, such as anxiety and depression. Selecting a natural or homemade remedy will be suitable because it will help you manage the condition without any adverse side effects. These remedies can also suit people prone to muscle pains and injuries. 

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