6 Benefits of Offering Multiple Payment Options for Invoicing

Every firm or small business wants to grow its revenue by leaps and bounds. But to do that they need to have the right infrastructure, multiple payment gateways, multiple business lines, and also deal with ongoing business challenges.

One area of constraint for major small businesses is offering multiple payments options to their users and the type of online invoicing software being used. A certain amount of flexibility is required, to cater to the likes of merchants and marketplaces. Thus, all businesses need to take proper steps and make strategies to grow.

This blog will detail the benefits of using multiple payment options for invoicing. So, read it till the end and take the right decision for yourself. Ready, let’s dive in!

1. Boost Business Innovation

Small businesses are growing at an exponential pace. It is predicted that combined online sales will hit $15 trillion by 2023. As the numbers continue to increase, more and more businesses will experiment with business models and foray into new markets. Many businesses have experimented with their models and managed to deliver the best customer experience with limited resources.

Thus, when it comes to invoicing. It is a must way to offer multiple payment options. For example, you sell shoes but have customers cross-borders. They do not prefer the same payment methods and if you don’t offer them the same you will tend to lose out customers. So, one thing you can do is provide their chosen payment methods and make it easier for them to make payments and build a relationship with you.

2. Increased Geographic Coverage

Over time you will expand your businesses and take it across borders. For this, you will be needing better support and certain payment methods and currencies. Also, you will need an online invoice payment processing software that will be able to process transactions and make the process less time-consuming. Adding multiple payment options will help you route transactions to the best support and capture more markets. Thus, make the right decision to boost your business.

3. Support Business Flexibility

Another benefit of using multiple gateways is that it will give your team much-needed flexibility. Your team usually makes a lot of follow-ups for payments. Things can worsen if you are dealing with new clients. Some may decide to play smart and not pay you. Whereas, some might feel stuck due to technical issues. Besides, you will need to take quick actions and resolve issues, or else your payments can get stuck for a long. But with multiple payment options, you will be able to shift your transactions swiftly.

But, before you implement all these changes make sure your online invoice payment processing software supports it. Not all will let you store card details and offer a duplicate data vault outside their preferred options. So, make sure you first take care of the security offered and even shift invoicing solutions if needed.

It is also possible that a particular system goes unresponsive. When such things happen you will tend to lose on revenue and the trust of your customers.

The last case is when a gateway experiences too many transactions. For example, if a gateway is managing exhibition payments where 1000 people are coming. With the sudden influx of transactions, it will not be possible to collect payments and even have a proper record in your online invoicing software. Thus, make a decision accordingly and carry on sales smoothly.

4.  Support Merchant Account Flexibility

Merchants need to have good online invoicing software that can integrate with multiple payments options and lower costs. You will need to pick up a solution that lets you follow a simplified approach and has fewer transaction costs.

While some merchants will prefer using their merchant account to cut down on fees and find a middle ground. Even if you have negotiated a cost with your provider, you will need to check for flexibility so that you don’t need to deal with multiple merchants.

5. Make Customers Comfortable

A good customer experience means keeping all things sorted. One example is PayPal. It is preferred by small businesses and freelancers worldwide. People prefer using it as a preferred payment option with their online invoicing software. But still, there are a lot of drawbacks too. Customers need to click away from the checkout page and it can lead to bad experiences.

But if you have multiple payment options such challenges can be avoided. You can still offer PayPal as a preferred payment alternative. Moreover, make sure you can take backups if your primary payment provider faces an issue.

6. Access Additional Payments Functionality

A merchant will need to decide if they actually need to work with you or not. Expectation clashes are real and also you will need to see if they support Level 2 or Level 2 metadata. They might also be lacking 3DS support.

As a result, you will need to have solid business reasons and knowledge of use cases to get the right gateways and online invoice payment processing software. This is where the role of Level 2 or 3DS support is needed. Your chosen merchant should be able to redirect transactions as and when needed.

Wrapping Up

As you continue to expand your business you will feel the need for multiple currencies. A valid approach is to select payment gateways that support the currencies you needed. This way you will gain an edge on competitors and boost your short and long-term revenue. So, sit with your teammates and then come to the right decision. This will help you avoid even minor issues during payments. Payment gateways can differ when it comes to latency levels and success rates. This problem holds true even if you are using a single payment option. So, we suggest using an online invoice payment processing software that offers a basket of currencies. If you are still looking for that perfect online payment solution, let us know and help you find the ideal fit.

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