5 Travel Destinations in Australia

When we are in a new country, with a culture different from ours, what we most want is to know it as much as possible, right? And when the place is fun and full of possibilities for new experiences and adventures, as is the case in Australia, the desire to plan a travel itinerary only increases.

With the right planning, it is possible to discover many sights and amazing places during your study in Australia, and all this in periods of 2 to 3 days so you don’t get in the way of work and classes.

To help you, we prepared this post with 5 travel spots tips that you can do during the weekend in Australia. Check out!


1. Sydney

It is impossible to leave Australia without having seen the country’s most famous postcard. So be sure to spend at least one weekend in Sydney!

This beautiful city has several tourist attractions, which will occupy your time from morning to night. You can already start the day watching the sunrise from the top of the Harbor Bridge, which is 134 m above sea level. From there, it’s easy to go to the famous Opera House and enjoy this tourist spot.

Afterwards, stroll around The Rocks area and discover the oldest part of Sydney, with its historic streets and buildings, the oldest pubs in the area and many museums and galleries. Extending the walk a little further, you can reach the awe-inspiring Museum of Contemporary Art or catch a play by the Sydney Theater Company.

Another option for the day is to walk and enjoy the warmth and contagious beauty of the famous Bondi Beach, where you can swim, rest in the sand or even take surfing lessons.

During the afternoon and evening, take the opportunity to try Australian cuisine! Stop to eat at Potts Point and check out The Butler restaurant. If you want to better explore the urban part of the city, be sure to book a table at Nomad, 4Fourteen and Firedoor!

Dragging your bag and baggage load while you go about exploring these iconic locations can be quite exhausting. Luggage storage Sydney central, located at the heart of the city, is the perfect spot where you can drop your belongings and enjoy your Sydney trip.

2. Brisbane

Brisbane is the capital of Queensland and is the right route for anyone who enjoys natural beauty and adventure. To see the city, be sure to climb, during sunrise, the Story Bridge and enjoy the beautiful view that the place offers of the Glasshouse Mountains and the Gold Coast Hinterland. And if you like thrills, how about rappelling your way back down to the ground?

During the rest of the morning or afternoon, you can walk or cycle around the surroundings and discover the many parks, galleries, bars and museums that the region has to offer. Have ice cream, try new dishes and live intensely the experiences that the place has to offer.

And speaking of food, be sure to check out the Esquire restaurant, which also has a view of the Story Bridge. If you want to go out with friends, the GOMA bar, the city’s Gallery of Modern Art, is a great choice.

3. Perth

Perth is a municipality where it is possible to experience both experiences of the urban center and moments of rest, adventure and leisure on beaches, parks and bars.

If you are interested in history and architecture, you need to set aside a morning to explore the historic center of this city, which has old and beautiful buildings from the colonial period, such as Fremantle Prison and the courthouse. It is also in this region that the Maritime Museum is located, which tells a little about the history of navigation. Another museum worth a visit for all its artistic heritage is the Western Australian Museum.

To enjoy the natural beauty, stroll along the coast and discover incredible beaches, such as Trigg, North and Cottesloe. There, you can rest on the sand or enjoy the famous waves of the Indian Ocean. It is also possible to take a ferry and explore some of the more than 60 beaches on beautiful Rottnest Island, which is about 20 km from Perth – you can go scuba diving and get an even closer look at the beauties of the place.

At night, visit the downtown bars, try the wines and the typical food. In addition to a great dining experience, you are sure to meet new people and have a great time!

4. Darwin

Getting to know Darwin – located in the far north of Australia – is to immerse yourself in the culture, history and nature of this country. There, you can closely observe famous Australian animals, such as the largest crocodiles in the world, which are the main attraction of Crocosaurus Cove.

If you want to get even more in touch with wildlife, why not take advantage of one of the days of the trip to rent a car and get to know the Territory Wildlife Park? In this place, it is possible to observe different species, take walks through the forest and get in touch with the wealth of Australian fauna.

To learn about the history and traditional culture of the area, there is nothing better than visiting the Military Museum and the Pudakul aborigines, who inhabit the region. And to try the local cuisine, it’s worth a visit to the Mindil Beach Sunset market.

5. Gold Coast

This is certainly the right destination for those who like beaches, big cities and nightlife. When visiting the Gold Coast, be sure to set aside a day to soak up the sun, heat and waves of Main Beach. You can take surf lessons, scuba dive, visit the small outdoor restaurants or just sit on the sand and enjoy the beautiful view.

If you like adventure, set aside the afternoon of one of the days of the trip to hike the trails in Burleigh Head National Park or Lamington National Park. Also visit the Dreamworld theme park, where you can enjoy Australian wildlife, ride a roller coaster or even fly in a helicopter.

At night, see the beautiful buildings next to Surfers Paradise beach and enjoy shopping in the many markets and shops in the area. There, you will also find restaurants and bars to enjoy the night in the best way.

Australia is amazing and full of opportunities and places you need to see. So, During your study abroad, be sure to book a few weekends to create a travel itinerary and explore more of the incredible culture, history, art and natural beauties of this country!

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