5 Things You Should Do Before Putting Your Shopify Stores For Sale

Transferring your company or item is a cumbersome task. There are several things to consider. Recognizing when to move is one of the most important factors for making a profitable sale. If you trade too soon, you might not have adequate cash on hand, but if you leave it too late, you can lose out on purchasers who might be willing to pay the top price. 

Since you have arrived at this post, you’ve probably considered putting up your Shopify stores for sale. If so, here are some of the things you should do before putting your Shopify stores for sale

Following a fool-proof strategy before putting your Shopify stores for sale is the key to success. 

Check Out Whether You Are Qualified

Different places have different criteria for sellers. For instance, when you choose Shopify Exchange for your Shopify stores for sale, you must ensure that you fulfil Shopify Exchange’s qualification standards before you may list. Reviewing Shopify’s Terms of Service and Partner Program agreement, or even the Exchange Marketplace rules, is a wise idea as well.

The following are the qualifying conditions for Shopify Exchange:

  • Your account with Shopify Payments must be active if you utilize it.
  • There aren’t any outstanding concerns between you and the Shopify Risk, Recovery, or Legal teams.
  • You need to operate a Shopify store outside of the trial period on a paid plan (except Shopify Plus).
  • You must be devoid of any current Shopify Capital funding.

Make Your Listing, Upload It And Publish It

Shopify will add basic stats to your listing automatically, but it’s up to you to flesh out the specifics and convince a customer that it’s a wise investment. You should complete the Expenditures, Sale Involves, Productivity, and Seller’s Advice sections as well as your Business Story, which should be an honest yet convincing summary.

Highlight features that benefit the buyer, such as a sizable email list, a sizable social media following, membership in a customer loyalty program, etc. However, it’s crucial to make sure that this information is true because any misinformation might cause problems in the future.

When your listing is finished, send it in for evaluation. Once Shopify has given you the go-ahead signal, you may publish.

Assert your position promptly

Answer proposals and questions from customers. Prospective buyers will approach you regarding your store’s availability for sale, usually to request more details and debate over what’s included in the price prior to making an offer.

Buyers will be impressed if you are responsive, especially if you provide post-sale help. You have a choice as to whether to approve or disapprove a purchaser’s offer. You may also make a counterproposal if you don’t like the initial offer.

Accept a proposal

From within the Exchange app, you may accept an offer that you like before going on to make the escrow transaction. Shopify will ping the purchaser to request that they agree to the terms and conditions and pay the escrow.

Transfer Assets To The Purchaser

You’ll be informed that it’s time to hand over assets after the escrow department has received the buyer’s payments. Create a staff profile for the purchaser so they may carry out their assessment phase, which can last between three and thirty days.

The assets will be marked as “accepted” in escrow once the buyer has finished the evaluation period and given their approval of everything.

The Best Places To Put Shopify stores for sale

Looking for a place to put your Shopify stores for sale? We have got you! 

Exchange Marketplace On Shopify

You’ve found the perfect marketplace if you want to put up your Shopify stores for sale quickly and easily! The Shopify Exchange Marketplace is the finest place to carry forward this procedure. Simply advertise your store on their site, then wait for buyers to get in touch with you or ask for a free evaluation of your online company. After they take the offer, their knowledgeable team will guide you through every step.

Sell Your Shop Personally

Store owners may market their shops to potential customers by joining online forums and organizations, and those customers will then get in touch with them.

If you already have a sizable audience for your website, social networking and blogging platforms may also be a suitable choice. There are numerous factors to take into account before putting your Shopify stores for sale, even if you choose the buyer and the asking price.

The prospective buyer can actually be a scammer attempting to take your money by posing as a customer. So be mindful of it if you’re selling your shop individually.

Market Your Shop On An Online Platform

Through an internet marketplace, you can easily sell your business and maximize your profits!

It’s crucial to understand the when and why of your actions. Do you require cash right away? Or do you desire more influence over your future? It is up to you to decide for yourself. 

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