5 Spring Renovation Ideas To Freshen Up Your Home

Winter is coming to an end, and it’s time to get your home in order. There are several things you can do to make your house feel fresh and new, from changing the paint color on your walls or redoing the flooring to refreshing your decorations with a spring-inspired twist. While painting a room is never easy, it’s undoubtedly one of the most gratifying renovations you can undertake this season. If you’re unsure of where to start, you can reach out to Manta Property Service Group to help with the renovations. 

Here are some spring renovation ideas to freshen up your home.


Fresh Coat Of Paint


Paint is a simple and effective way to refresh a room. Light colors have a softening effect that can open up a small room or add character to a larger space. If you’re looking to refresh your walls with a new color, you have several options when it comes to choosing from the spectrum of available colors.


Bright colors are good, but they can create a harsh backdrop in a living area. Warm tones add warmth to the space and are often used for dining rooms. A modern room with white or pastel colors is ideal for spring. You can then bring brightness into the room with planters filled with bright, fuchsia hydrangeas or colorful bedding.

 A bright living room is a perfect place to host family gatherings or to entertain friends. With spring just around the corner, there are many colors that will work well with natural light. White, pale gray, and light blue are good colors for living rooms that have windows. If you want to paint your walls a calming color palette, go with soft purple, blue, and green tones.

 Upholstery Refresh

 If your furniture is starting to show signs of wear and tear, now’s the time to bring it back to life with a seasonal overhaul. Upholstery refresher products are available at your local home improvement store and can be used to bring back any fabric. These special products are designed to recover old denim, leather, tweed, and suede seats, bags, pillows, or other textiles, so they look new again.

 This renovation project is simple enough to do without an appointment. Start by removing all of the upholstery from your furniture to give it a thorough cleaning with a degreaser. Then, apply the fabric refresher or reviver to your fabric, wait for it to dry, and put everything back. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to freshen up your upholstery, check out these awesome ideas for refreshing old furniture.


 If you want to bring brightness into any room, decluttering is the best first step to take. Remove furniture that doesn’t fit with your décor. The more you minimize your clutter, the easier it will be to see how the room could look with fresh paint and furniture. You can then move these items into storage or donate them. Take photos of what’s currently in each room to make it easier for you to remember what goes where once you start moving things around.

 Clean And Organize

 You can dress up your room with a new coat of paint, but it will take away from the effect if the room is in disarray. You can’t have a fresh look until your space is clean.

 You’ll be surprised at how much better a room feels once it’s clean and organized. If you can manage to get rid of any clutter, it will be even easier to see what you already have and make improvements. You can store these items in your attic or garage for easy access and use everyday storage like baskets, bins, and baskets over the holidays.

 Switch To Lighter Fabrics

 As the weather warms up, we change out our heavier drapes for lighter ones. If your room is also in dire need of a makeover, this is a good time to make those springtime fabric changes as well. For example, you can replace shaggy, shabby-chic rugs with plush indoor-outdoor carpets.

 Even if you do not need new coverlets and throws – just put them away – you may find yourself happier with what they’re covering up. If you feel like there’s nothing wrong with your furniture or your décor, but the room needs a breath of fresh air, try removing one thing at a time to see what it does to the overall look and feel of the room.

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