5 Remarkable Body Changes At the Time of Pregnancy!

The nine months of pregnancy are the most beautiful period in a woman’s life. Their bodies go through such remarkable changes, which only shows the strength and power of the female body.

Significant changes in pregnancy are visible– enlarged uterus, backaches, and regular morning sickness. You can use a maternity belt to support your core and back muscles during this enlargement. There are many other internal and external changes as well.

This article will run through those and some of the most incredible changes in the body during pregnancy. Read on!

Hormonal Changes

The hormone changes in the body go without saying for pregnant ladies. They will necessarily have increased progesterone and estrogen levels. Many other hormones are changed in their amount and their roles.

The alteration in the body’s hormones is necessary for pregnancy, but it may have adverse effects such as difficulty in exercising. The ligaments also become looser, so there is a higher chance of strains and sprains on your knee or ankle.

A pregnant female should use a maternity belt to support the body in such scenarios.

Blood volume elevates

You must have heard the concept of the pregnancy glow! In a pregnant female’s body, the blood volume increases by a staggering 50% and provides them with radiant skin. One-fifth of the pre-pregnancy blood goes directly into supporting the uterus. 

The extra blood is necessary for metabolites, nutrients, and other respiratory gases. Through this high BV, the baby is nourished, and they end up losing this extra blood during the labour with no side effects on your health.

Cardiac Changes

Pregnant ladies will also experience changes in their cardiovascular system during pregnancy. These changes begin very early in their pregnancy – leading to a 20% high cardiac output by the gestation period of 8 weeks.

The change takes place due to increased stroke volume and, somewhere, increased heart rate. The heart gets dilated while the myocardial contractility is elevated too.

Oral Health and Mouth

A typical pregnancy issue is the bleeding gums, which leads to a portal for further infections. Moreover, since there is a tamping down of the entire immune system – women more commonly experience infections.

Pregnant ladies must maintain their oral hygiene to avoid gingivitis and inflamed gums. One can also go for dental x-rays when pregnant, keeping in mind that the belly must be shielded from all the rays.

Hair and Nails

With the elevated estrogen levels in the body, pregnant women end up having great hair days. The growing phase of these hair follicles increases in length, thereby leading to a healthy head of hair. 

Not just the hair on the head, but the hair on the entire body, such as the stomach, upper lip, nipples, and back, increases. This is also why women lose a lot of hair once they have given birth to the child. Clumps of hair will fall out after brushing, which is common with most women.

The hair will return to the regular texture and growth about 4 to 6 months post-giving birth.

Wrapping Up

These were some of the major changes experienced by the human body during pregnancy. That being said, pregnancy periods are different for every woman. You might have extra hair growth while the next woman might experience bleeding gums way more.

While the 9 months might not be complete bliss, the result of giving birth to a new life in the world makes all the pain worth it, doesn’t it?

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