5 Reasons to be a responsible fantasy cricket player

You won’t regret choosing Fantasy Cricket! It’s thrilling, super popular, and easy to play. Plus, you can make money playing fantasy cricket. There are many things to keep in mind when you’re playing though: always think responsibly, use your better judgement, have an analytical approach towards the game, and remember that this is just an entertainment choice. Here are a few reasons why you should consider playing fantasy cricket responsibly.

1.   Be prepared for loss control

In fantasy cricket, it’s important to make sure you set a budget that can accommodate any money lost during the season. Losses are a normal part of the game and they happen to everyone. It’s just a part of the journey; so be prepared for them to happen to you.

Losing will not hurt your spirits and enthusiasm for the game; in fact, if you keep losing for weeks or months in a row, you should step aside from playing fantasy cricket and return only when you think you have improved your skills enough to excel in the game.

2.   Practice before investing money

Fantasy cricket sites offer the option of playing free before you invest anything. This privilege is given so all players who are venturing into the field can learn how to play and become valuable contributors to their team’s success. 

One platform where you can make a team for cricket is the AIO Games app. You can use it for upcoming matches with a pre-built strategy, depending on what the toss, pitch, and conditions are. Download the AIO Gaming application to get started making your dream team and winning cash games today!

Not just that playing fantasy cricket on AIO helps polish your analytical skills so you can expect profitable returns after investing. We recommend taking advantage of this opportunity and developing the necessary skill sets, as it will make playing much easier.

When you’re confident enough to play in our competitions, we have an option that allows you to compete against others without investing any money right away.

3.   Take regular breaks

Playing for a long time can be exciting. But after a while, it’s also important to take a break. You want to be in a good mental state when you’re making observations and using your strategy. In this time, you can identify patterns in the game and players’ performances and get ready to come back strong.

Remember that your strategy will not do the work for you; rather it’s an accompaniment to your player’s performance and skills on the field that will generate big earnings. Taking a break will allow you time to relax and recuperate before starting again with renewed vigour, meaning and purpose.

4.   Keep a track

So you want to play fantasy cricket. That’s great! As you’ll be investing and earning money, it’s a good idea to keep track of the amounts in your account. Doing this will help you plan out your next moves better and even keep track of how much time you’re investing in fantasy cricket so that you stay fair with yourself. Simply take note of the time you spend online and break up your game sessions when needed.

5.   Remember you are playing for entertainment

Initially, you’ll need to invest time and energy into learning how to play fantasy cricket. However, overtime, you’ll gradually start investing money. When you begin making a profit regularly.

You must remember the goal of playing fantasy cricket is pure entertainment and fun. The best approach is to plan your team before the game starts so you can make a profit while playing the game while staying entertained throughout.

Where to start playing fantasy cricket, where to put hard-earned money?

There’s just one answer to all your questions, and that is AIO Games. AIO Games is a game platform where you can join a cash contest and win real money with cricket games. As the name suggests, AIO Games is a multi-game app where you can play different games to win big.

This is your big chance to play fantasy cricket daily and earn real money. That’s why it’s one of the best options for earning real money through cricket apps out there. You want to be able to play fantasy cricket on an authentic app but are unsure about trusting one?

You’ve come to the right place. Below, you’ll be able to discover the process and how you can start earning real money immediately by fantasy cricket app download and start playing your favourite games. Select a cricket contest and create your best team, then go play!

How to play Fantasy Cricket?

With Fantasy Cricket, the point system can vary between each app. In order to play, you must create a team of eleven players from 22 options. You must choose one or more options from four categories: wicketkeeper, batsmen, bowlers, and all-rounders.

Now, assuming you have installed AIO Games application, now you will find multiple, exciting fantasy tournaments with real money to be won. You could also sign up to the free contests and practise with them.

Once you’ve participated in a tournament, it’s time to form your teams- remember, you can only play with players you know, and the conditions they come with. These performances score points (according to how they do) which will then make them eligible for any prizes.

And only then can they win in the competition, and this prize is sometimes very significant!


As you play fantasy cricket, it’s important to remain aware of things that are going on around you. By doing so, you’ll be able to have a better experience and ultimately, improve your skills. AIO Games encourages players to practise responsible gaming.

We are committed to helping those who wish to limit their playing time or quit all together. For more information about how your play may be improved, take a look at our AIO Games – fantasy cricket responsible gaming guide.

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