5 questions you must ask the landlord before renting an apartment

Renting an apartment, or some other real estate property is a serious and complex process, both for the owner of the apartment and for the one who wants to rent a certain real estate property. There are certain things that a landlord needs to sort out before deciding to rent, but there are also some questions that a tenant needs to ask before concluding a rental agreement. Especially when it comes to renting an apartment for a long period, or purchasing timeshare ownership where you wouldn’t want to end up thinking about how to get out of your timeshare as other investors have, it is necessary to look carefully at the apartment and the conditions set by the owner.

To assist you in the complex process of looking for an apartment to rent, we have prepared a list of 10 questions you need to ask before making an apartment rental agreement. When these things are clarified, your stay as a tenant will be much easier, and the apartment owner will also be satisfied.

Asking specific, carefully selected questions when renting an apartment will help you discover less-known things of the apartment, landlord or the rental agreement.

1. Can we set a fixed monthly rental rate, stan na dan which you will guarantee me that will not change in a few months?

The large price increases that occur on a daily basis can affect the price of real estate – both for sale and for rent. To ensure that your monthly rent will not be subject to these increases, and to be able to plan your monthly expenses in advance, you need to be clearly informed whether you should expect changes in your monthly rent.

2. Is it necessary to pay a deposit, or to pay the monthly installments for the months when the apartment will not be used, e.g. in summer?

This is also an important issue especially when students rent apartments that they do not use for 3 months of the year. Is it necessary to agree to pay a minimum amount for these months or will you be required to pay the full rent even though you are not using the apartment?

3. How large are usually the utility bills klima uredjaji?

The costs for water, electricity, internet, building maintenance, heating, etc. greatly influence the decision which apartment to rent. If the cost of bills is quite high, it may be better to consider apartments with smaller square footage and lower costs for utility bills.

4. From what date is the apartment free and are you looking for someone to move in as soon as possible?

This question should be asked at the very beginning of the conversation because you may need to move in from September 1st and the apartment will not be free until September 15th. Or, the landlord may want to rent out the apartment as soon as possible, and you may need to move in much later, for example within a month of the contract. It is a waste of time if you do not agree on the rent dates.

5. For how many months at least are you looking to rent the apartment masina za susenje vesa?

If the landlord is looking for a tenant who will rent the apartment for no less than a year and you only need it for 9 months, then it does not matter how nice the apartment is – it just does not suit you and it is important to find out this information as soon as possible.

We hope we have helped you in the process of renting an apartment or other real estate property. If you are still in the process of considering apartments for rent, see all our ads for renting apartments in Serbia, on MojTrg.rs.

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