5 Pros When You Invest In Immediate Bitcoin

The cryptocurrency market is a fast-growing one. The market is volatile, yes. But for those who are very skilled at trading, it is a very profitable business that shows great potential in the long run. Trading cryptocurrency requires great patience and skill, which takes more time to build. And trading also requires devoting a significant chunk of the day to scanning the market and executing trades, a luxury that most people don’t have. And this has caused several traders to create automated software for trading.

This automated software is known as trading robots, and many traders are using these bots for an easier and more profitable trading journey. The price of a crypto coin can change at any time, and humans cannot be 100% accurate at assuming the rise or decline of the coin’s price. Trading bots use the trading algorithm to scan the market for profitable trades and make accurate predictions based on market variables. There are several of these trading bots available online. bitconnect.co reviews several of these trading bots.

What Is Immediate Bitcoin?

 Immediate Bitcoin is popular among traders, and several traders prefer trading with this bot to other trading bots. Immediate Bitcoin is a legit software suitable for newbies and advanced traders, and It offers both automated and manual trading modes. The software provides all the necessary information for a successful live trading session. With the manual trading modes, skilled traders can trade manually and earn more profit than usual.

Immediate Bitcoin uses Artificial Intelligence to forecast market changes with an accuracy of 85%. The software is relatively easy to use with basic, easy-to-understand instructions. According to traders’ testimonials, Immediate Bitcoin does precisely as it claims on the official website.

Pros Of Investing In Immediate Bitcoin

Verification process

The verification process on Immediate Bitcoin is straightforward. Besides that, the verification process is also secure and gives traders the indication that their personal information and funds are safe. It has a high level of security as all data is fully encrypted.


One of the features of Immediate Bitcoin is the speedy payout system. The payout option is automatically activated once you start a live trading session. And immediately after a live trading session, the software automatically calculates your earnings and credits your account. The system is highly accurate and flawless, and according to most reviews, it is why several users love the trading bot.

Affiliation with brokers

Immediate Bitcoin has formed partnerships with various regulated and reliable robot brokers in the UK and the US. The brokers are regulated under the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), one of the world’s most popular financial regulatory agencies. These brokers are also in charge of all transactions on the platform, and they make sure trading tools for easy trading and a conducive environment for trading. Brokers are also allocated to each registered user of the trading bot as a guide during their trading journey.

Withdrawal process

Immediate Bitcoin is probably the fastest at processing withdrawals out of several trading bots. Users can request a withdrawal any day. Once they fill the withdrawal form, customer care starts processing the withdrawal almost immediately to ensure that the users receive their funds within 24hours of requesting a withdrawal. This is a welcome change from trading bots that take 72hours or more.

Commission and fees

Immediate Bitcoin does not charge hidden fees or extra charges for most of the processes carried out on the system. As long as you’ve deposited your capital, all operations on the software are free of charge. The system is upfront about the 2% commission charge on all profitable trades executed on the trading bot. But the 2% commission is only for profitable trades. In the scenario that trading is not profitable, your funds are safe.


Immediate Bitcoin is a very profitable trading bot to invest with. If you maximize its features, it will result in a very straightforward and successful trading process. 

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