5 problems that every microwave owner can relate to

Whether baking your favorite cake or heating the pale, cold breakfast your mom cooked this morning, the only home appliance you turn to is the microwave. But this is just a glimpse of what a microwave can do, and this is the main reason why it is the most used appliance in almost all kitchens.

With people adopting dishes from different countries and the craze of cooking and baking reaching its height after the lockdown, the microwave has become ubiquitous in every household. With so much dependence on microwaves, it is natural to start worrying when the microwave breaks down, but just like any other appliance, this is something inevitable.

If you are a proud microwave owner and use it almost every day, you must step up to the plate and get familiar with some common problems that every microwave owner might have to deal with.

Here, we have outlined five problems that every microwave owner can easily relate to.

Improper heating

Microwave not heating is the most common issue that any microwave owner might deal with. Although there can be many reasons behind this, the most common culprit is the failed magnetron.

A magnetron relies on high voltage for creating microwave frequency to cook food or bake cake or, in simple language, to produce heat. The magnetron is designed so that it can last longer than your expectation, but misuse of microwave like turning it on when there is nothing inside the microwave can burn the magnetron.

If the magnetron is completely burnt, you have to call Faber customer care, and the only option the technician will have is to replace it as a burnt magnetron cannot be repaired. Moreover, even defective door switches, a faulty diode, and failure of the transformer can also cause heating problems in the microwave.

Shutting off mid-way

Let’s say that you planned a cake evening on the weekend, prepared everything, entered the mixture in the microwave to bake only to see that the microwave keeps shutting on and off in the middle of the baking process.

That usually happens because of a faulty switchboard. The microwave worked perfectly fine when you switched it on and entered the cake mixture, but it went down during the operation. It means that there can be an issue with the wiring connection that might get heated up and cause the fuse to trip.

Even high voltage and fluctuating voltage can cause this issue. If there is no way to solve this problem on your own, you should call Elica customer care and get the issue resolved without experimenting with your methods.

The microwave plate stops spinning.

Nothing is more satisfying than watching your cake or any other recipe spinning on the built-in microwave plate through the transparent glass. But what if the microwave plate stops spinning?

The main reason behind this is a damaged plate beneath. The plate spins because of the motor, which operates as intended most of the time. But the motor might stop working because of some problem.

This issue can be quickly resolved by a professional, and therefore, calling Elica customer care is the best option. If the motor is fine, the technician might check the switchboard as the switchboard might not supply the required electricity to the motor beneath the plate.

It doesn’t matter what stops the motor from spinning. You should never make this a DIY task as the microwave might look simple, but the parts inside a microwave are complicated, especially for someone who has never dealt with electrical issues.

Noisy operation

It doesn’t matter which type of microwave you have or how old it is; operating a microwave should always be a silent operation as microwaves are designed to work in silence. But if you could hear an unusual sound coming from your microwave, then you can be sure that the microwave is in for some trouble.

From the burning of the magnetron and faulty fan motor to the wearing of the stirrer motor and damaged turntable motor, there can be many issues behind that peculiar sound coming from the microwave. You should never ignore these sounds as if left unaddressed; it can lead to a complete breakdown of the microwave.

A professional inspection is necessary to find the real issue, and replacing the faulty part at the right time is also required. So, whenever you need a peculiar sound coming from your microwave, pick up the phone and call Faber customer care.

Fireworks inside microwave

That might sound rare, but it happens more often than expected. Sparking inside the microwave has been noticed in all the brands. Therefore, instead of panicking, you should understand its facts and take the right step.

In most cases, the paint peeling off from the inside of the microwave causes the sparking. You may also check the loose nuts or any other metal parts inside the microwave that might be coming in contact with the waves inside the microwave, and instead of absorbing these waves, they might be reflecting them.

Like any other home appliance, microwaves also go regular wear and tear. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to any of the signs mentioned above. You must call a technician to fix the issue as soon as possible.

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