5 Most Common Causes of Birth Injuries to Babies in Louisville

Birth injuries are on the rise in the United States, with babies suffering from serious injuries and long-term disabilities. In fact, delivery complications are now the leading cause of death in newborns. While most birth injuries happen during labor or delivery, some can surface as early as in the womb and during pregnancy.

If you believe that the birth injury of your baby occurred as a result of any form of negligence, then it is advised to consult a birth injury attorney in Louisville to find out what you can do next. You can read more here about the common causes of birth injuries to babies reported in Louisville.

  1. Delayed C-section

A delayed C-section occurs when the delivery is delayed, and this causes the baby to suffer severe brain damage or death. In some cases, the baby does not survive. The effects of this type of birth injury can last for many years and limit the quality of life for the child and their family members.

  1. Improperly performed C-section

Improperly performed C-sections are also referred to as surgical errors. It occurs when the surgeon or doctors perform the surgery without proper skills and experience. They may also use an incorrect surgical procedure that results in a birth injury to your baby. The labor may be too slow or the baby will not fit through the birth canal, which can cause problems during delivery, such as brain damage or the death of the child.

  1. Failure to monitor and discover

Failure to monitor and discover the vital signs of your baby, such as heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature, can result in injuries and disabilities as well. When there is a lack of monitoring, it increases the chances for complications to arise. If the staff does not discover any problems in time, your baby may suffer from brain damage or death.

  1. Failure to respond properly to fetal distress

Failure to respond properly to fetal distress happens when the staff does not provide proper care or support for your baby. The risk of experiencing a serious birth injury arises when there is a poor response to your baby’s struggle or cry.

  1. Rough delivery (tugging and pulling)

Rough delivery involving tugging and pulling results in serious injuries to your baby, including damage to their head, spine, arms, legs, and other areas. The infant’s neck may be strained or bruised due to tugging and pulling that occurs in the birthing process.

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