5 Essential Online Calculators You Need for Statistics

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Statistics is the science or practice of collecting or analyzing large quantities of data to infer a portion of the whole of represented data. It can also be defined as the discipline concerning statistical data collection, organization, analysis, interpretation, and representation. 

Therefore, the basic statistics calculations are finding the minimum and maximum range, count, sum, mean, mode, median, variance, and standard deviation. To use online calculators for statistics, you must enter the dataset, separating it with spaces and commas. 

There is also an option to copy and paste data lines from a document or a spreadsheet. However, online statistics calculators such as the percentage calculator can help you conveniently analyze statistical data. Below are essential online calculators that you need for Statistics.

  1. Percentage Calculator

A percentage is a relative value indicating hundredths of parts of a whole quantity. Therefore 100 percent represents the whole quantity, 50 percent represents half the quantity, and 200 percent represents twice the quantity. 

Other calculations involving percentages are percentage differences are percentage changes. Therefore, an online percentage calculator is essential in statistics as it helps us determine what a particular quantity of data represents in terms of percentages that are easier to interpret and understand.

  1. Sum Calculators

Also called summation, it results from arithmetically adding quantities or numbers. A sum calculator adds all the items in a dataset, making the calculator essential in statistical work. You can use the sum calculator to add up an infinite number of items without any worry of making errors. For instance, you would need a sum calculator before using other statistical calculators such as percentage calculators or mean calculators.

  1. Median Calculators

A median is a middle value obtained by arranging the numbers from the smallest to the largest.  If the median values are two, you add the two numbers and divide by two. Imagine how difficult it could be to arrange numbers in a dataset containing 100 items. But an online median calculator will help you in that as it will automatically arrange the numbers in order, giving you the median value.

  1. Mean Calculators

Mean is used to measure the central tendency or the average. To obtain the mean, you get the sum of all the data values in a dataset and then divide the sum obtained by the number of items in that dataset. To use the mean calculator enter all the values in a dataset while separating them with commas and spaces and then click the calculate button. You can also copy and paste the dataset from a document or spreadsheet.

  1. Standard Deviation Calculators

In statistics, the standard deviation measures the dataset’s deviation relative to its mean. The standard deviation is the square root of the variance; this is a tedious calculation that you are prone to make errors when doing it manually. However, an online standard deviation calculator will take care of these calculations.


Some online calculators you can use for your statistics work include percentage calculators, sum calculators, mean calculators, median calculators, and standard deviation calculators. All you need to do is to enter the dataset while separating it with spaces and commas. You can copy and paste the dataset from the document or spreadsheet and then click the calculate button.

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