5 Common Home Appliances and How to Maintain Them

When you buy home appliances, you want the best quality products to last you longer. It’s a huge investment and you would want to make sure that the appliances are in great working condition.

It is like a nightmare when the washer breaks down just before laundry time or the refrigerator does not get cold right after you buy fresh groceries. Nobody wants to experience such a situation and you can avoid it by adopting simple habits to maintain home appliances.

Here are some home appliances and tips on how to maintain them.


Before you start cleaning or working on any appliance, you need to ensure safety precautions. If your refrigerator comes with a water filter or ice maker then you need to change the filter at least once every 6 months.

The fridge coils tend to accumulate dirt in between so it’s best to vacuum them once every year. Make sure to regularly clean your refrigerator as ice and grime buildup can limit its efficiency.


Just because dishwater is used for washing dishes, does not mean that it does not need washing. To keep the dishwasher working in top condition, you need to clean the dishwasher every six months. You can purchase a recommended cleaning solution to wash your dishwasher.

With constant use, you will need to replace the racks inside the dishwasher. Clean the dirty food filter so that water can reach the dishes easily.

Stove and Oven

One of the most used appliances in your kitchen is probably the oven. If you have a new version of the self-cleaning feature then the task is much easier for you.

If you use a stove with coil burners then you need to maintain it more often. Clean the stove regularly and clear any food particles. Check for red spots on your stove coil burner. Red spots mean that the coils won’t be able to last for a long time and this calls for replacement.

Washing Machine

An important washing machine maintenance tip is to keep it at a level so it does not vibrate when washing the clothes. Another step is to keep the washer’s lint trap clean. You can improve the efficiency of the washer by regular cleaning to avoid dirt build-up.

You can even hire a professional cleaning service to keep the dryer running in perfect condition. If you notice any weird voices coming from the washing machine then contact appliance repair services to tackle the problem immediately.


Take precautions when you use the microwave every time. Always unplug the device when not in use. Avoid running the microwave empty as it can reduce its efficiency and constitute a fire hazard.

Make sure to follow the basic rules and avoid using the type of materials that are not allowed inside the microwave. Anything made of iron, steel, copper, and hard materials is not allowed inside the microwave. Since metal surfaces reflect microwaves, it increases the heat inside the appliance and could lead to a fire.

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