5 Best Mesh Stress Balls To Help You Calm Down

Stress balls are one of the common fidget toys that are used to calm down, enhance focus, and relieve stress. You will often find these stress-relieving balls at your colleague’s office desk, between the fingers of your friend who is squeezing and smashing them, or with people in meeting rooms who are relieving tension by squeezing these balls before a critical presentation. 

Stress balls come in varying intensity levels, sizes, and are crafted out of different materials. For instance, they are made out of foam, gel, slime, or clay. Likewise, they come in small, medium, and large sizes to fit into hands of varying sizes and have soft, medium, and firm intensity levels to seek various purposes. 

For instance, squeeze balls having a softer firmness level can be used as stress relief balls. Whereas, ones with medium and firm intensity levels can be used to build muscle strength, enhance blood circulation, and manage arthritis pain and carpal tunnel symptoms. 

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Despite being commonly used as stress relief balls, yet the typical question that strikes one is do stress balls help? 

Well, our body releases hormones like adrenaline and cortisol when under stress. These hormones released in the bloodstream produce energy that must be vented out. Too much stress results in excessive release of these hormones, resulting in excessive energy being produced. When left unexpended, this energy results in stress and anxiety. 

This is where stress balls come to your rescue. They help in releasing muscle tension thereby giving you relief from stress and helping you calm down. However, stress balls are not the long-term solution to anxiety and stress issues. Therefore, in case of excessive stress, it is always suggested to visit a doctor. 

In this article, we talk about some of the best mesh stress balls that help you relax and reduce stress. 

Best Mesh Stress Balls

1. K.E.J. LED Mesh Anti-Stress Ball

These are beautiful and colorful mesh stress balls that take the shape of grapes the moment you squeeze them. Each mesh ball is made of a number of pressure balls that contain a light that flashes as soon as you press them. 

Further, these mesh stress balls have gel beads inside that allow you to squeeze and smash these balls the way you want. Additionally, these help to relieve stress, anxiety, help you calm down, and enhance focus in individuals with ADHD and autism. This Anti-stress bundle contains 12 stress balls that can be used at the workplace, home, or can be carried along easily wherever you go. 

2. KELZ KIDS Light Up Sewn Mesh Squishy Stress Ball

Here are mesh stress balls that not only provide you with a satisfying experience but also add so much to it with their glittering lights. Yes, the KELZ KIDZ are netted with mesh and contain flashing lights that turn on as you squeeze and smash these mesh balls. 

Further, you can use these mesh stress balls to relax you and your child’s anxious mind and relieve stress. Also, these balls are increasingly used by ABA and occupational therapists for enhancing a child’s motor skills and helping him calm down by squeezing these squishy grape balls. 

3. Big Mo’s Mesh Stress Balls

Big Mo’s mesh stress balls are perfect stress relievers for hyperactive and autistic children and adults who are seeking to relieve stress and anxiety. Made of premium-quality and non-toxic materials, these make for great fidget toys to improve attention and reduce anxiety and stress. 

Further, the balls have water beads such as Orbeez in their core and are covered by mesh on the outside. As you squeeze and smash these balls, the balls pop out of the mesh, which makes them ideal for stress relief and therapy. 

4. Max Fun Mesh Stress Balls

Max fun is a pack of assorted stress balls that contain mesh stress balls, water beads grape balls, and dough grape balls. These are perfect for children dealing with autism, ADHDa, and hyperactivity. 

Likewise, these are also perfect for adults to relieve anxiety, stress, and improve focus on the task at hand. These help you relax and help in calming the anxiety-ridden minds. Further, these are crafted out of thermoplastic rubber and are long -lasting, with beads remaining inside the balls no matter how much you squeeze and smash them. 

5. Monkey Fidgetz Mesh and Marble Stress Toy

Monkey Fidgetz are very popular among parents, teachers, and therapists and are one of the most preferred fidget toys. Each of the Monkey Fidgetz has a marble inside the mesh, which is perfect for hands of any size. 

Further, these are made of materials that do not have any harmful additives. Accordingly, they are crafted out og premium-quality plastic and marbles that are non-toxic and hypoallergenic. 

These mesh stress toys are best for kids and adults suffering from ADD, ADHD, OCD, autism, and excessive stress and anxiety.

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