4 Maintenance Techniques for Emerald Zoysia

4 Maintenance Techniques for Emerald Zoysia

Whenever you have installed something important in your house that helps enhance ethics, you need to maintain it to ensure it remains the same throughout. Maintenance is vital for the Emerald Zoysia as it is installed in the front lawn.

How to Irrigate Emerald Zoysia?

Irrigation is vital for post-installation maintenance because water is required for growth like other plants and trees.

It would help if you learned which seasonal grass is installed as water requirement is different. Once you have acquired the knowledge, follow the three points mentioned below.

Watering at Different Establishment Stages

Water is required in different quantities during various establishment stages. When the team of sod installers comes for establishing the sod grass, you have to take each detail of the amount of water to irrigate the grass.

Know the Right Timing

During the first week of establishment, water the sod grass three times a day. It will help the roots to grip the soil firmly.

You can reduce the time from three to two times; the roots get well-established by this period. Once you are sure that the roots have gripped the ground, you can water only once a week.

Using Diversified Irrigation Ways

Watering in the correct quantity is essential because more water could damage the sod grass. You have to create the right strategy for irrigating the sod with the appropriate water amount. A few irrigation techniques are introduced, including sprinklers, drip irrigation, and utilizing rainwater.

Mowing Suggestions for Zeon Zoysia Sod

Emerald Zoysia is a sub-type of Zeon Zoysia Sod that uses almost the same mowing technique. You have to be careful not to cut the grass during the establishment period; let it grow to its full potential.

Sharp Blades of Mower

Always remember to sharpen the blades of the mower. Sometimes the grass turns brown and ultimately withers away.

This situation happens when the blades of the mower are blunt. Typically the sod grass is mowed weekly, so sharpen the blades every time you cut the grass.

Know the Correct Length to Cut

This sod grass is established within two to three weeks, and the grass grows tall. You should know the right length that has to be cut. It is best to consult the sod suppliers, including Atlanta Sod Farms, to see the length to be cut.

Maintaining an Exact Schedule

Have you ever thought about why the grass gets damaged even if you are following all instructions? A reason given is that the mowing schedule is not maintained. Weekly maintenance is required, but when it is not followed, then you get a damaged lawn.

Controlling Diseases and Insects

It is a misconception that sod grass doesn’t have insects, diseases, and weeds. The grass can have these issues, but it is significantly less likely. The main reason why sod grass develops diseases and insects is the maintenance schedule is not followed.

Checking for Signs of Damage

The most apparent sign of insect damage and the presence of diseases is that the grass is turning brown and, in the end, dies out. At this stage, the grass can’t be revived; it has to be replaced.

Applying Recommended Products

Check with the sod grass dealers to know which product will be correct and how much quantity it is required.

Fertilization is also Vital

The sod grass is modified grass that requires less maintenance. Applying fertilizer is also vital, but you should be aware of which is the right one.

Applying Fertilizer According to Season

Sod grass installed in the different seasons have their maintenance schedule. Know which seasonal grass you have installed, and then apply the fertilizer.

Know When to Apply

Some sod grasses require fertilizer twice a year, but Emerald Zoysia needs it only annually. Remember to apply it at the right time, and the quantity should also be appropriate; otherwise, it will ruin the grass.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does sod require maintenance?

Sod is only modified grass that requires attention and cares like other plants and trees. People confuse the term low maintenance because they think that they can avoid it.

During the establishment period, regular watering and care are required. After proper installation, you can take care of the grass weekly.

Is sod grass hard to maintain?

The people who have installed it are at ease when it comes to maintaining it. You have to mow and water the grass week or after ten days. Fertilizer can be applied annually or twice a year.

How long should I keep my dog off new sod?

Many types of sod grass can resist maximum foot traffic. If you have installed these types, then after the sod is well-established, you can allow the dog to play on it. It has been recommended not to let the dog on the sod grass during the establishment time.

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