4 Instagram Rules You Must Be Educated About

4 Instagram Rules You Must Be Educated About

However, I doubt you’ve had enough time to read these Instagram rules. Have you read these Instagram Terms and Conditions? Instagram has a set of rules, and if you violate these rules, you could have your Instagram page, your advertising account, or both suspended Visit: comprar seguidores instagram portugal

Let’s review the Instagram guidelines you should be aware of.

1. Only use a trusted third-party Posting App

Let’s begin with the fundamentals. If you’re using an external tool to publish to Instagram, it must be trusted. When I say trustworthy, I’m talking about an officially licensed Instagram Partner tool or application.

You can use the official Instagram partner such as Agorapulse to manage your IG professional profile, schedule publishing, queueing, and scheduling directly. Although you can now publish instantly to corporate profiles using these guidelines, there are certain restrictions that IG has in its terms and conditions.

Is that isn’t it? Not quite. There are many other apps you could be using that violate IG rules.

Avoid using apps that offer followers and likes.Instagram account. Utilizing an app that creates fake activities (likes or comments shares) could take these remarks and liked posts down. In the worst case, it could result in being banned.

Make sure you use a reputable Instagram partner such as Agorapulse, and make sure your account is private!

In the end, you aren’t going to want to be exiled from IG due to using a rule-breaking partner. (Much wiser to pick an approved and reputable Instagram partner to implement the perfect picture Instagram plan.)

2. Do not use banned hashtags

Many hashtags are not in the same way. Using any of the hashtags that IG has banned could cause you to be in hot water, And ignorance isn’t an excuse.

Instagram has an official list of banned hashtags that they don’t want users to use within their platforms. If you use these hashtags in your caption for an article, IG will restrict that post, and it won’t be displayed on your feeds for followers. They’re also not searchable even if you believe they are!

However, some of the banned hashtags could be a surprise to you. The banned list includes hashtags such as #besties #bikinibody @kissing #singlelife #teens#parties #petite Pornfood #prettygirl #pushups and many other hashtags.

One way to check whether a hashtag is prohibited is to look it up. For example, if you look up #curvygirls, it doesn’t appear in the following list. (other suspicious variations do, however!)

prohibited hashtags on Instagram, for an example

Don’t get shadowbanned

Please find out the hashtags you are using attentively, and ensure that they’re relevant to your target audience. Also, don’t possess a hidden urban dictionary or the meaning of emojis you don’t know. If you use them frequently in a row, you could be shadowbanned.

Shadowbanning refers to the process where the user blocks accounts and posts or hashtags without awareness. Sometimes even their followers won’t view their posts.

Also, it’s recommended to have various hashtags that correspond to different posts. Utilizing those same hashtags can signal to IG that you’re a bot or a fake account.

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3. Don’t be a bot!

Instagram is a platform that favors human-generated posts and can detect fake activity in the app. Not using bots, but you could be acting like one!

  • Such actions can lead to problems for your account.
  • Unfollowing and following more than 60 people in an hour
  • Affiliating more than 300 posts per hour.
  • Making the same comment on several posts
  • Images that violate copyright infringement laws
  • Tagging people over and over again when they should not be included in your posts
  • Notifying customers of sales offers in unwelcome ways to people who are not fans
  • Uploading low-quality video or images that are not high quality or pixelated

Includes comments, likes as well as unfollows, follows, and like. Additionally, you can send between 20 and 50 daily direct messages.

Be a great social media user. These guidelines are identical across all major social media platforms. So if you’re engaged in one of these actions, you should now be able to end it. (Really, Stop it!)

4. Beware of spreading misinformation

is a difficult one and one that’s causing controversy at the moment. Are you thought police or fact-checker? How can you tell what you truly believe?

The reality is that Instagram probably isn’t the right platform to discuss controversial issues. If it is, don’t utilize your brand page for it. Networks less censored like Telegram can be alternatives to authentic and truthful discussions.

Instagram has this to say about the spread of misinformation:

Instagram rules list

  • If you’re in the wrong direction of misinformation, you could be restricted in one or possible way.
  • If someone is trying to follow any of your flagged accounts and they’re notified, they’ll receive a message alerting them that the version previously made false public information.
  • Instagram also makes accounts that regularly publish false information more difficult to locate.
  • Finally, the most influential Instagram is the ultimate social media killer. Instagram shuts down accounts that violate Community Guidelines.

The main point is that they will when they determine that you might be spreading false information and taking action. It isn’t unlike other social media accounts that are the main ones. Twitter will be able to impose a seven-day ban for incorrect information posted by users.

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