4 Incredible Advantages of Being an Accountant

Accounting is a rewarding and exciting career choice. Without it, businesses can’t properly manage their finances and keep track of the money flowing in and out of their accounts. You can use your creativity and problem-solving skills to help people, companies, and organisations do their best work. Many accounting jobs are available in various industries because accountants are in high demand. The BLS reports that there is a need for more accountants and that demand is outpacing that of all other professions. However, you might wonder why you should become an accountant. Here are five advantages of being an accountant. 

Thriving job market

Accountants are always in demand. Accounting is one of the most popular fields for college graduates to enter, and this trend will likely continue for years. This means there are several opportunities to find a good job after graduation, whether you want to stay local or move elsewhere in the country.

If you want a career as an accountant, there are many different paths to accomplish your goals. Some accountants go into public practice by working at an accounting firm or CPA office. Others may choose private industry roles where they can use their expertise to grow and prosper. 

No matter what direction your career takes, being an accountant allows for plenty of advancement opportunities over time due to its popularity among professionals looking for stable careers with growth potentials across all industries. 

Experience everything

Each client has different needs and expectations, which means that your role as an accountant is constantly evolving. Since you will work with so many different clients, your work will vary dramatically depending on who you’re working with and what they need at that moment. You could be helping a restaurant owner go over his numbers one week, then helping a small business owner figure out how much money he should put away for retirement the next week.

Another advantage of having this variety in your career is experiencing things you’ve never seen before, from tax laws to contracts, and learning about new industries. This is especially true if you get into public accounting instead of staying at one company for too long. Public accountants often have more freedom than private ones when moving from company to company. 

Positive work-life balance

If you’re searching for a job that allows you to have a life outside of work, being an accountant is a perfect choice. Accountants are always busy, but not so busy that they don’t get time off from their jobs. They can take vacations and enjoy their lives in ways many other professions don’t allow them to do so.

Accounting is a fantastic career option if you want to strike a healthy balance between your personal and professional lives. After hard days at the office or coping with challenging clients or coworkers, you will have plenty of time to unwind and decompress.

Salary and benefits

An accountant’s salary is likely higher than if you work in a non-accounting job. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average yearly pay for accountants is $75,000. This is true regardless of whether they work at a small business or a large corporation. The BLS reports that accountants with bachelor’s degrees can earn up to $90,000 annually, and those with master’s degrees can earn more than $100,000 yearly. 


Accounting jobs offer you to learn new skills and gain valuable knowledge, which can help you get ahead of the competition and give you a positive work-life balance. These are some reasons why becoming an accountant is a great choice.  If you’re considering making this career move, this article has helped you to see that it’s worth it. 

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