3 Tips You Need to Know to Boost Your Small Business Sales

Consistent sales are the backbone of a thriving business that has a growing revenue, sound cash flows, and a healthy bottom line. To help boost your business, here are some tips drawn from marketing and sales training that can make your sales bloom.  

Rise above the crowd

In this digital age, customers can simply comb through search platforms to find what they need to purchase. In addition, customers are bombarded from all angles with advertising messages via email, social media, and other channels. While all this means more convenience for customers, it’s easy for your business messaging to get lost among the rest. 

Therefore, your messages should be a cut above the rest if you want to draw customers to your products. Your message should resonate with customers and make it crystal clear how your product or service is the perfect solution to their pain points. 

In addition, it’s important that your messages are delivered in the most compelling and striking ways to grab the attention of customers.

Some ways to get noticed include:

  • Creating a unique competition or giveaway. An example is Chick-fil-A’s annual cow appreciation day when customers get free food if they come dressed in cow regalia. A crowd-pulling event like this will also help you make waves on social media and in the press at no extra cost. 
  • Supporting a charitable cause. According to Small Business Trends, 71% of customers gravitate towards businesses that share the same values as they do.
  • Making a bold claim or slogan that highlights your competitive advantage. For instance, here are some famous attention-grabbing slogans: Red Bull: Gives You Wings; Energizer: Keeps Going and Going and Going; Gillette: The Best a Man Can Get. Remember not to overhype your products or stretch the truth. You may lose out on customers once they catch on to your exaggerations. 

Use social media

According to Smart Insights, over 4 billion people around the globe use social media. With so many people on social media, it’s likely your customers and prospects are also hanging out there. That’s why optimizing your profiles can help you hook more customers and retain your current ones to propel your sales. 

Use your social media profiles to let customers know more about your company, such as:

  • who you are
  • what your business does
  • your values 
  • what pain points your product solves

Every social media platform is different, so maintain your branding but tailor the account to the particular platform. It’s also important to dig deeper into your typical buyer personas and customer behaviors to choose the right platforms. In this way, you can avoid throwing resources down the drain. 

Consider engaging a trained professional to help you set up your social media profiles and run your accounts. Once your social media profiles are up and running, you can build brand loyalty through regular posts and interacting with customers and prospects. You can also boost visibility by promoting your website and blog through social media. 

So, what should you consider when optimizing your profiles?

  • Name: It helps to use your brand name to make it easy for old and new visitors to spot your pages. While a unique spin on your name may sound like fun, it may hurt your traffic and engagement. Plus, visitors won’t be able to find your content since  they’ll be looking for your original name on search engines.  
  • Keywords and hashtags: When updating your information or posting new content, it helps to work in relevant keywords and hashtags. With the right keywords, your pages will pop up when people search for your brand and related content. 
  • Links: Start the ball rolling on conversions by linking to your website in the bio to drive customers to your site. 

Leverage your current customers 

Your existing customers have already shown their willingness to trust your brand over others, so cultivate your relationships with them to grow your business

Small Business Trends brings to light the fact that existing customers tend to make up 65% of your sales. In addition, the chances of closing a sale with an existing customer are 60-70% vs. 5-20% for new prospects.

As a result, it’s important to maximize sales, for example, by:

  • Up-selling and cross-selling. Study how customers interact with your products and services and look for opportunities to offer upgrades or complementary products. 
  • Asking for feedback. Ask customers what you’re doing right and where they see room for improvement. Draw on this feedback to train your customer service team.  
  • Running promotions. You can use loyalty and rewards-based promotions to retain customers. They can also spread the word within their circles leading to more sales flowing your way. 

Overall, focus on both existing and new customers to boost your sales. Pull new customers to your business by standing out and investing in your social media profiles. Also, make every effort to hold on to existing customers.

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