3 Tips to Maximize Your Cloud Gaming Experience

Online gaming has become a worldwide phenomenon. Whether you live in North America or Japan, there is no end to which the online gaming community has not grown. A trend that has taken the gaming community by storm is – Cloud Gaming. But, to experience breakneck cloud gaming. you do need an active and fast internet connection, isn’t it? Come! Let us find out how you can maximize your cloud gaming experience.

Cloud Gaming – A Brief Intro

Do you know what is the common factor between Google Stadia, Xbox Game Pass, and PlayStation Now? All three introduced to the world of gaming a new concept – Cloud Gaming. In layman’s terms, you do not need to buy a console and game disc, stream your favorite game on any display you have.

Cloud gaming is a method of playing video games through remote servers in data centers. It cuts off the need to download a game and install it on your PC or console. But, you require a stable internet connection to send gaming information to an app or browser installed on the recipient device.

However, a common issue that every cloud gaming enthusiast dreads is – Network Latency. Do you know what that is? Come! Let us understand.

Network Latency

Network latency refers to how long it takes for the data to travel between its source and destination. As far as cloud gaming is concerned, lower the latency, better will be your gaming experience. On the flip side, higher network latency causes a delay between pressing the console button and game reaction to the input. A high latency ruins your cloud gaming session.

But, you can take care of this issue. For example, if you have a Netgear WiFi router, combine it with a Netgear WiFi extender. You can then decide the network bandwidth required for cloud gaming by going to mywifiext.

Do you know how network latency gets measured? It is measured in terms of ping.

What is a Ping?

Ping refers to a data packet sent from your gaming device to a server. Latency here refers to the amount of time it takes for the data to come back to you. In an ideal situation, you should aim for a ping speed of under 50 milliseconds. If the ping is above 100 milliseconds, there will be a little delay in your cloud gaming session.

Now, how do you ensure a smooth cloud gaming experience? Read below to know the “HOW”.

3 Tips to Maximize Cloud Gaming Experience

Given below are 3 tips to reduce latency and enjoy an uninterrupted cloud gaming session.

1. Check with ISP

In a typical scenario, cloud gaming requires a download speed of at least 10MB/s. There is a difference between advertised speed and what you actually get. The internet connection you have plays a vital role in how smooth the cloud gaming session goes. Thus, if the signal given by your ISP is not strong enough, it is time for a change.

2. Use an Extender

Do you find it hard to get full WiFi signals when trying to start a cloud gaming session? Chances are the room you have the gaming rig in does not receive quality WiFi signals. It is time you look around and buy a branded and reliable WiFi extender. Make sure you perform the new extender setup without skipping any steps.

3. Do Not Share Network

Having a faster internet connection does not means anything if something or someone keeps sucking out all the bandwidth. Network latency is also caused by multiple users accessing the same network.

To keep this from happening, you should:

  • Pause or stop applications using network bandwidth
  • Turn off every automatic update you do not need
  • Disconnect every smart device that you don’t use

You can make these changes in the Netgear extender by accessing the IP address in a web browser.


Do you want to have an uninterrupted cloud gaming session? Keep these tips in mind whenever you want to have an online gaming session without hiccups.

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