3 Technologies Used to Reduce Drunk Driving Infographic

Drunk driving is the main cause of road accidents worldwide. Despite efforts to reduce the issue, most people incur severe injuries or lose their lives in intoxicated-related accidents. Fortunately, technology now makes it easy to detect intoxication among drivers and helps reduce cases of  drunk driving accidents.

Here are the three technologies used to reduce drunk driving infographics.

1. Ignition Interlock devices

Ignition interlock devices (IID) are among the best 3 technologies used to reduce drunk driving infographic. IID requires the driver to use a car Breathalyzer to ascertain they are sober before driving. It is common in many states and helps prevent intoxicated individuals from driving. 

Ignition interlock devices are simple to use and don’t require a police officer to enforce them. It’s a proactive device that doesn’t allow the car to turn on if it senses that the driver is intoxicated. It works effectively to prevent drunk drivers from hurting themselves or others, even without the presence of a police officer.

2. Driver Alcohol Detection system for safety

Driver alcohol detection system for safety (DADSS) is an effective technology for reducing drunk driving infographics. DADSS works to stop drunk drivers from starting their cars. It uses two main methods to sense if a driver is intoxicated.

One is breath-based, which requires the driver to breathe into the sensor before the car can start. The sensor will determine the concentration of alcohol molecules, and the car won’t start if the driver is intoxicated. 

Sounds exciting? There is more! The other method of DADSS is based on touch. With the technology, you place your finger on your vehicle’s gear shift or button sensor. The infrared sensor will scan your skin surface and measure your blood-alcohol concentration.

2. Ridesharing and smartphone

Ridesharing is a technology you can utilize to reduce drunk driving accidents. It offers drunk drivers an alternative and convenient option to move. Also, ridesharing helps in cutting traffic and deaths on the roads.

Why hire a car accident lawyer

If you are injured by a drunk driver, seek help from a professional car accident. Here are reasons to do so;

  • Compassion and support

A car accident will leave you with emotional and physical damage. You won’t be able to perform your task and go through with legal issues. An attorney will relieve those burdens, allowing you to focus on recovery.

  • Streamline legal processes

You’re entitled to compensation if you get injured in an accident due to another person’s negligence. However, getting compensation can be a long and complex legal process. An attorney knows the ins and outs of car accident claims and will streamline the process.

  • Maximum compensation

The amount of compensation depends on the representation and levels of negations skills. If you hire an attorney, they will work and apply professional skills and efforts to ensure you get maximum compensation.

  • Professional guidance

You’ll not be able to make wise decisions, and your insurance company can take advantage of you. But if you have a professional car accident attorney, they will give you professional advice and evaluate your best options.


Drunk driving endangers your life and others, impairs your vision, and causes a slow reaction. The provisions on the roads, such as road cameras and police officers, have some insufficiencies in reducing drunk driving. But emerging technologies have since made it easy to detect drunk drivers, thus enhancing safety on the roads.

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