3 Services You Should Consider Getting for Your Business Printer

Business Printer

You might not think of a business printer as a piece of equipment that requires many kinds of service. Perhaps it’ll need some repairs now and then, but generally, you’d expect it to operate without much interference. This may be technically true, but it’s also true that you can get more out of your printer by subscribing to the right kinds of professional services. What types of services should you be looking for? Keep reading to find out.

Ink Subscription Service

If there’s one thing you can’t ignore on your printer, it’s the ink or toner cartridges. All printers will need to have these cartridges replaced or refilled at some point, and many businesses find it beneficial to get their ink refills via a subscription service. Depending on the machine you have, this might mean having new cartridges shipped right to your door or having a professional come to your office when needed to refill the preinstalled cartridges. Either way, it takes the job of going out and buying or ordering those cartridges off your shoulders and ensures that you get the ink or toner you need when you need it.

Remote Support

Sometimes, something goes wrong with your printer, and you don’t want to wait for a technician to be able to come out and fix it for you. In situations like these, remote support for the machine can be highly beneficial. Depending on where and how you purchased your printer, this kind of support may be a part of the printer’s warranty. You may have to pay to subscribe to this service in other cases. However, it can easily be worth the added cost. If your printer refuses to work, you can call for a technician to walk you through how to troubleshoot the problem rather than spending hours searching Google and YouTube videos for the help you need.

Regular Maintenance

Sure, your printer might run for a long time without regular maintenance. But just like with your car, ignoring the maintenance needs of a printer is a recipe for early equipment failure. Modern printers are highly advanced machines with a lot of moving parts. They should be adequately maintained—preferably by a professional—to ensure that they operate properly. If you ignore the printer’s maintenance needs, you’re more likely to experience recurring issues like paper jams, error messages, slow print speeds, and unexpected machine shutdowns.

If your business has a copy printer in Anchorage, AK, look into some of these services to get more from your office equipment.

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