3 Reasons Why Fiction Movies Are Better Than Real Life

Sometimes, reality can be a little too much for your brain to handle. That’s why I love fiction movies ,  they’re just simpler than real life.

The star wars facts and trivia are just one example of how great fiction can be. The Star Wars franchise is one of the most beloved and well-known series in history. It has inspired many generations and lives on as a cultural phenomenon to this day. But what if I told you that there are some things about Star Wars that may surprise you? Let’s take a look at some fun facts about Star Wars that will make your jaw drop.

Here are three reasons why fiction is better than reality:

Fiction movies always have a happy ending

Fiction movies always have a happy ending. There’s no guarantee that real life will end happily, and you can’t predict what will happen next. In fiction movies, you get to see the characters happily living their lives at the end of the story ,  no matter how many obstacles they have to overcome. In real life, there aren’t always happy endings or even an ending at all; sometimes things just keep happening until you die.

Fiction movies never leave anything out either. If a character is doing something important in a scene (like explaining something), then that information will be included in the movie for us to understand better. But in real life? You often don’t know what other people are thinking unless they tell you directly…and this can lead to misunderstandings which could ruin your relationship forever.

In fiction movies, there is a clear conflict.

Fiction movies are so much more exciting to watch than real life. In fiction movies, there is a clear conflict. The main character has a problem they need to solve and must overcome obstacles in order to solve it. Typically, this problem is between two characters: one person wants something that another person has or doesn’t want them to have it. Sometimes the main character isn’t even the protagonist; he or she may be just helping out an ally in their pursuit of whatever goal or objective they have (like saving someone from being kidnapped). This gives you as an audience member a chance to follow along with what’s going on while also rooting for your favorite characters.

You can turn off fiction movies without missing anything.

In real life, you can’t turn off your own life without missing something. That’s because there are people who want to be in your life, and if you leave them out, they’ll miss what they didn’t get from you. They might even come up with their own reasons for why you left them out of the story, the story of your friendship or relationship or whatever, and those reasons will probably be wrong. So it’s better not to leave anyone out of the story at all.

Fiction movies are easier to understand than real life.

In real life, there are many things that we don’t understand. We have to find out in our own way. Sometimes it takes us a long time to figure out something, and then when we finally do, it’s not what we thought it would be at all.

In fiction movies, everything is clear and simple. You can turn off fiction movies without missing anything important because every part of them has been planned by someone else in advance. Fiction movie endings always have happy endings as well; even if they’re sad at first, they’ll end with everyone smiling and saying nice things to each other (or if not everyone smiles individually then at least the main character does).


We love real life, but sometimes it can be a little hard to understand. Fiction movies make it easy for us to understand what’s going on by showing us the plot line of the movie and how all the characters relate to one another. They also have happy endings which make them more enjoyable than real life because in real life some things just don’t work out like they do in fiction movies.

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