2022 tips to Use Ear Protection When Shooting

Shooting Ear Protection

Why Should You Use Ear Protection When Shooting?

Most firearms produce noise that exceeds 140 decibels (dB). Even brief exposure to this level of noise can lead to permanent hearing damage. So, using Ear Protection for Shooting is important. Firstsourcewireless is delivering you the highly supportive aid to your ear with best performance.

Features of Ear Protection devices

Prevention from Hearing Loss and Damage: Noise-induced hearing loss is very likely to occur after getting exposure to firearms. One of the most common causes of hearing loss is noise-induced hearing loss. Unfortunately, hearing loss induced by noise damage to the inner ear cannot be repaired since injured hair cells do not heal themselves, but rather die.

So, the use of Ear Protection for Shooting is very important because they protect from sudden explosive noises like gunshots. These enable normal hearing at acceptable levels while attenuating all high-intensity noises to a safe level. Some are electrical, while others include special materials or filters.

  • High Noise Reduction Rating

All hearing protection should have a noise reduction rating (NRR), which is an assessment of how effective it is. The NRR is useful to determine how loud a sound is when it goes through your ear protection. The higher the NRR of your ear protection, the safer your hearing will be.

For example, the highest NRR you can get is 33. It can significantly reduce the amount of loud noise reaching your ears from gunshots on the shooting range. So, devices with high NNR can provide the Best Ear Protection for Shooting.

Perfect Fit for maximum comfort

Everyone’s ears are different, therefore, we all need ear protection that fits us differently. Ear protection for shooting must fit properly, especially for children and people who are new to shooting sports. Using fit and comfortable ear protection can convince you to wear them more regularly, thus protecting your hearing.

Shooting causes damage in the form of short but extremely loud bursts of sound. The loudness and damage to your sensitive ear structures will have already occurred by the time you notice your earplugs have moved. Earmuffs with a padded headband and adjustable earcups give a very comfortable fit for a wide range of shooters

Prevention Against Ear Infections

Ear protection for shooting is made or coated with antibacterial layers and specific materials. These layers and coatings stop bacteria from growing. So, the next time you’re looking for ear protection, think about custom ear protection. It’ll make you feel safer and better protect your hearing, so it’s well worth it.

Types of Ear Protection for shooting

A lot of best ear protection for shooting is available, we will discuss some of them:


When shooting, the most obvious advantage of wearing earplugs is that they give excellent hearing protection. Because they are inexpensive and give a high noise reduction rating, these are the most commonly used hearing protection. They seal the ear canal when you precisely implant them, while the cellular nature of the foam creates microscopic airspaces that fracture and refract sound waves.

They are compact and lightweight, making them easy to sneak into a pocket or a bag. You can pack them without any worries when going shooting because they’re so convenient to carry with you. In comparison to Earmuffs, which are larger and heavier, they come out on top.


Earmuffs are by far the most common type of shooting ear protection and for good reason. Earmuffs are padded plastic and foam cups with an adjustable headband that is easy to use. (These aren’t the soft earmuffs that keep your ears warm.) By totally covering both ears, they decrease noise. There are sizes available for both adults and children. 

Earmuffs are easier to wear than earplugs, especially for small children. This inexpensive option fits over the ears and creates a sound barrier. Today’s passive earmuffs fracture and re-fracture sound waves using special materials and designs, resulting in higher NRRs than were previously attainable with passive earmuff designs.

Electronic earmuffs

These are more expensive, but they provide unique advantages. These are one of the Best Electronic Ear Protection for Shooting. They enable users to hear surrounding sounds at normal or even higher-than-normal volumes. It is particularly useful for conducting conversations or receiving range commands. 

When a sound that dangerously loud exceeds 82dB, the circuitry compresses the sound. Then it sends the sound to the speakers inside the earcups until the noise reduces to a safe level. The fact that the electronic earmuffs do not reduce the sound level until a loud noise occurs is what makes them so excellent to use.


What Should You Know About Your Ear Protection’s Fit?

Ensure that the hearing protector is close to the ear canal or the side of the head. Keep your hair and clothes out of the way.

When Should You Use Ear Protection?

When your ears get exposed to loud noise for a longer duration, you should use ear protection. It will take eight hours of 70dB exposure for most people to feel any long-term effects.

What Is the Average Life Expectancy of Ear Protection?

Disposable earplugs are often made of foam and discarded after a day or two to avoid infection. Plastic earplugs will last longer if you clean them daily and after each usage. Custom earplugs can last for five years.


Loud noises can harm delicate inner-ear tissues, resulting in noise-induced hearing loss(NIHL)and tinnitus. The tiny hairs in your ears that stimulate auditory nerve fibers are permanently lost by the extreme noise. The louder the sound, the more it will damage your hearing. So, it is important to wear ear protectors for shooting or when you expect to be in a loud setting.

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