Fibre Network in Australia

Fibre Network

While Australia’s new government is announcing plans to deploy a national fibre network by 2020, many are not convinced by the details. Originally, the plan was to build a fiber network to cover all 13.2 million premises. But, the new government has a different vision. The government has decided to roll out the network only in new housing developments, with copper-wire pairs covering the last mile. This change will increase the costs of building the network, and some people are skeptical that it will work in the end. The OTN…

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Everything You Want to Know About Styling Rose Gold Rings

Rose gold is one of the most coveted metals for gold jewelry. Incorporating a beautiful combination of red and pink hues, the beauty of rose gold rings is unquestionable. It’s truly an elixir to rejuvenate your look. You can easily sport the rose gold trend in fashion magazines, on-ramps, and during celebrity mega-events. Showcasing luxury at its best, the rose rings are just perfect to style in varied ways.  To your fashion best here are some ways to indulge in the beauty of the rose gold ring.  #1. Minimalist rose…

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