13 Genius House Cleaning Tips for Working Moms

House Cleaning

Keeping a tidy house as a mother can seem hard at times. For example, did you just sweep the kitchen floor, which is already covered with crumbs and milk? Is your freshly polished bathroom mirror showing signs of water splashes? What was the stain on the carpet that you just cleaned out? You can guarantee there’s already another stain forming. Well, house cleaning is a tedious task, and if you are a working mom keeping your home neat and clean does seem like a mission impossible.

But fortunately, it’s not!

You will be well on the road to keeping your house cleaning even with countless feet running all day long if you can learn to do things fast and as quickly as possible. There are various ways in which you can help yourself clean their house.

Here are some house cleaning tips for working moms.   

House Cleaning Tips for Busy Moms

Everybody loves a clean house. But between all the household work and professional work, it somehow becomes difficult to manage both. So, here are some of the top cleaning tips and hacks for busy moms.


Make a schedule daily for managing your personal and professional life effectively. This tip will help you in getting things done at a rapid pace.


Maintaining cleanliness in the house is very important. Thus, while cleaning, you can pick things and put them away. In this way, the items that your kids have scattered will be cleaned fast.

Stock up in Supplies:

You should have your cleaning supply stored in different rooms rather than all in one area. You can clean fast with this technique.

Use Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide – the ultimate cleaning mate. It is a multi-purpose fluid that will help you carry out almost all the cleaning tasks like cleaning mirrors, washrooms, windows, etc.

Look for a Vacuum Cleaner:

Instead of mopping the floor, working moms can use a vacuum cleaner. It will not only save your time but will also clean every inch of your house effectively.

Remove spots of  hard water:

To get rid of hard water stains, all you need to do is cut a couple of lemons in halves and treat the troublesome areas. Let it stay for 20 minutes, and then wash it off with water.

Couple-up  Windows & Newspapers:

If you are worried about your mirror’s streaks, you need to change your cleaning technique—use newspaper instead of a cloth to get a streak-free mirror.

Brush with a Toothbrush:

Scrubbing small areas of the house can be very challenging. Thus, to clean such sites, you can use a toothbrush for scrubbing. A toothbrush can reach the minor areas in the house and can clean those stubborn stains. So, do give it a try!

Use Oils for Cleaning:

You can also use some oils for scrubbing and cleaning the house. For instance, mix peppermint oil with granite countertops. This will help you with greasy stains. Use it to get rid of stains.

Cleaning the Vents:

Air vents are among the most difficult areas to clean, but they are critical for the safety of the home. For a quick clean, wrap a cloth over a butter knife and wipe it along the vent.

Set a Timer

You must set up a timer for cleaning the household. This will help you in doing the work quickly and effectively. Once the timer is buzzed off, you may rest for a while or do some other work. Setting up a timer will help you in balanced and effective cleaning. It will also save you time.

Baking Soda to the Rescue

Use baking soda for washing your clones. This will make your clothes brighter and cleaner. Thus, for doing laundry, baking soda is one of the best options to save time and work effortlessly.

Use Dryer Sheets to Freshen up

One of the best ways to utilize dryer sheets is to place them in a different area of your home. The fragrance of these sheets is much more robust, and they last long too! So, where to use them? Well, you can use them underneath the pillow cushions, inside drawers, in trash can liners, toilet paper rolls, etc.

Sweep off the microwaves

As a working mom, you might be using the microwave frequently. Sometimes, the food might spill in the oven. But do not stick to scrubbing and scrubbing. Instead, use natural ingredients like lemon, vinegar, baking soda, etc., with water, and you are good to go! These natural ingredients will clean the oven quickly and effectively.

Toothpaste & Sneakers go hand-in-hand

Are you confused regarding the cleaning of white shoes? Don’t worry! Clean those white shoes with toothpaste. Then, scrub the toothpaste all over your shoes and wash them in water. Your shoes will be sparkling white and fresh.

Put Dishes in the Dishwasher

Do not keep the dishes in the sink. Instead, put them in the dishwasher. Do not let any other person collect your words from the sink and wash them. Instead, encourage your family members to wash their dishes and place them in the dish dryer so that the dishes do not pile up for any one person.

Distribute and rule

To make your house clean, distribute the tasks among your family members. This will help you in carrying out all the assignments effectively. House cleaning will not be a tedious task anymore.

Avoid the ultimate Cleaning clothes’ collection

Instead of having so many cleaning clothes, stick to two clothes, one damp and the other dry. This will help you with cleaning the stains on several areas in the house. Be it greasy stains, dry stains, or others, all will be cleaned with these two sets of clothes.

Clean where you are most bothered

There are some areas in our homes that drive us crazy when they are dirty. Clean those areas first. Once those areas are clean, you will be motivated to clean other areas as well. So, go ahead and clean effectively.

Finish the Task like a pro

Even if you feel that the cleaning process is not going that well, it doesn’t matter. Focus on simple cleaning and clean as much as you can. Do not get hard on yourself for cleaning the house in one go. As long as the floor is swept and dishes are cleaned, you are doing great.

So, these are some other cleaning tips for busy moms. It is vital to balance out your professional and personal lives. Taking care of kids, cooking, cleaning, etc., sometimes takes a toll on our office work. So, balancing them is very important.

Do not force yourself into house cleaning. Clean as much as you can. Do not be harsh on yourself. Starting with basic cleaning works out the whole process smartly. Then move on to other tasks. Clean your house using the techniques and hacks mentioned above, and you are good to go. If you can’t finish it on your own, you can hire professional cleaners like Maids In A Minute that provide excellent workmanship for your home cleaning needs..


  1. How do working moms keep their homes clean?

Working moms keep their homes clean by making schedules, doing laundry every day, and cleaning as per their routine.

  1. How do I work full-time and do housework?

Firstly, do the laundry before going to work. Secondly, keep biodegradable wipes in your washroom to wipe the surface daily. And finally, before going to bed, make sure that the house is clean.

  1. How often should I do my housework?

Do not push yourself to do all the work in one day. Instead, do as much as you can. Just make sure that whatever work you do, finish it before going to bed.

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