13 Common Areas Where Slip And Fall Accidents Occur

Slip and falls, also known as premise liability cases, are common types of personal injury cases in Fort Myers. Slip and falls can be quite dangerous and can cause serious consequences to people who may experience injuries and damages that are worth more than the income they are earning. These incidents can cause serious injury. At worst, a slip and fall can cause amputation, paralysis and even death in some cases. 

Aside from the injury and pain, the increasing financial burden can also be a significant consequence of a slip and fall. The injury itself can lead to medical expenses such as emergency medical care, surgery, medicine, and even the loss of salary. Below, we will identify up to thirteen places where a slip and fall can most commonly happen. 

Regardless of the type of slip and fall accident case, if an incident happened due to someone else’s negligence, you can talk to a Miami Personal Injury Attorney. The attorney will know more about how to help you seek compensation for your damages and loss. Let us now take a look at the places where people are more prone to having a slip and fall accident.

  • Amusement Parks

Well, it is dreadful to think about tragic incidents that might occur in an amusement park. You may have seen footage on TV or videos on YouTube about how a sixteen-wheeler crashed while being driven negligently and how the collision involved many other vehicles and passengers in the accident. It is not always true that an amusement park ride will lead to a crash that causes injury to others; there could be low impact accidents that might result in injury.

  1. Senior, assisted living or daycare facilities

We might have important office meetings out of town which cannot be avoided. So, then we rely upon nursing homes, senior, assisted living and daycare facilities for the elderly. It could be a nightmare that comes true while you are out of town, but there are chances that your loved one might have an accident. It can be caused due to the negligence of the caregiving authorities.

  1. Parks and playgrounds

Strolling at a park with your children is a lovely activity, but this may turn into an accident that can bring pain and suffering. Accidents at parks and playgrounds are common due to broken, damaged or otherwise defective playground equipment, and fewer safety measures taken while building the playground for kids. 

  1. Swimming pools

Swimming pools around the country have been the reason for various fatal incidents, and most of the victims have been children who are unaware of the danger of drowning. Even if a child knows how to swim, he or she may end up getting injured upon entering or exiting the pool, around the wet areas of the most slippery areas around the pool. The child may then fall in and be unable to swim.

  1. Hotels

This is surprising yet true. Hotels are meant for luxury and comfort, but you can not ignore the chance of receiving a personal injury in a hotel. In most cases, guests get injured in the restroom due to a slippery floor or bathtub. There is an increasing number of hotel injuries where victims win five to six-digit amounts in compensation.

  1. Movie halls and theaters

Everyone must have once had the feeling of falling in the dark while trying to find their way to their seat in a dark movie theatre. Well, there are various incidents recorded where people fall in the dark due to stairs and torn carpets in a movie theater.

  1. Workplace injuries

Workplace slip and fall injuries can be fatal if it involves working in high-risk areas or under dangerous conditions or both. Employers must take prompt action to keep their premises risk-free at all times to avoid accidents.

  1. Hospitals and nursing homes

Slip and fall injuries may happen on the premises of a hospital for many reasons. For instance, patients at hospitals may not be able to walk or move around on their own. The hospital authorities are responsible for taking care of and attending to every patient to ensure that the premises are safe if they need to move around. Patients may need to make their way to another room, the restroom or to go outside for exercise, etc.

  1. Shopping malls

Shopping malls are visited by thousands of people every single day. When you visit a shopping mall you will most likely look around to see items to purchase in stores, it might distract you, and that might cause an accident. Personal injury cases, however, may occur due to someone else’s negligence, such as from the failure to notify others about dangerous conditions or failure to maintain property to prevent or correct such conditions. For example, there may be no sign of a wet floor, or a faulty step on a staircase or an escalator that is faulty or out of service. All of these conditions may cause you to slip or trip and fall.

  1.  Restaurants 

Restaurants are mostly filled up with a lot of chairs and tables. A customer or even employee of the restaurant may trip over a chair, which may cause a fall. Damaged carpets are another reason for personal injury cases at restaurants. Also, spilled food and drinks on the floor can cause slip and fall injuries too.

  1.  Personal Property

You might end up visiting private property to meet a friend or family member or for business purposes, such as to see a home that you intend to buy. Loose cables, debris, an unfinished floor, or broken staircase can become a very common cause of an injury. 

  1.  Gas stations

Next time when you go to a gas station, be very careful of any possible wet areas on the floor. The mixture of water, gas and oil can make certain areas at the gas station very slippery. It may be unnoticed due to the purpose of using a gas station, where most of the time, there is no extra attendant other than the employee behind the register, to observe any dangerous conditions outside of the gas station where customers generally refuel their own vehicles. As a result, there may not be, and one may only realize it once the accident happens.

  1.  Staircase

One of the most common places where a slip and fall accident occurs is on a staircase. There could be various reasons for such incidents, such as the unnatural height of the steps, broken or damaged steps, slippery stairs, a deposit of debris alongside the stairs that may leave little to no space to walk, etc.

What to do if you get involved in such accidents?

You can hire an experienced attorney with extensive knowledge of the law to help you sue the owner of private property for a negligent act or failure to act when there is a legal duty to do so that has caused you to be injured on his or her premises. A slip and fall injury is legally termed as premise liability, and it can bring you thousands of dollars as compensation depending on the value of your claim. 

If you or someone that you know has been a victim of an injury on someone else’s property due to the owner’s negligence, then you should consult an experienced Miami Slip And Fall Lawyer and understand your right and the potential value of your claim. 

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