10 reasons to choose the FUE technique for hair transplant

 It is a painless technique. The entire procedure is performed under local anesthesia, and subsequent discomfort is relieved with mild pain relievers if necessary.

 There are no stitches. Patients will not have discomfort from the stitches nor will they have to go to extract them, something that is usually annoying.

 It is a minimally invasive technique. Dr. Seiadatan uses the smallest instruments on the market, which allows making the minimum incisions necessary to obtain the follicular units and implant them later with maximum safety.

 At all times it is known how many follicular units have been extracted.

 At Cl√≠nicaSigma we carry out a double control and count of the follicular units, at all times it is known how many units we have and how many hairs they are. This allows for more precise implantation and an even better result.

 It is fully customized.

Only the follicular units that are necessary to cover the needs of the patient at the time of the intervention are extracted. The patient is not sedated. He is aware of the intervention at all times, so he can go to the clinic alone and can drive home.

 It is a flexible treatment. It is not necessary to carry out large sessions, it can be carried out in phases or by zones. Immediate labor incorporation. The postoperative period is very simple and does not require absolute rest. Generally, patients can go to work the next day. 100% natural result . The use of the implanter allows the Hair transplant Dubai with the appropriate direction and angle so that no differences are seen with the patient’s native hair.

Linear scars are not appreciated

On an aesthetic level, this will allow for a better result and for patients to be more satisfied because they have no signs that there has been an intervention.

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