10 Modern Grey Flooring Living Room Ideas That Can Adore Your Interior

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If you want to add timeless flooring to your place that doesn’t need to change with time and trend, then you must select grey flooring for your place. You can choose grey laminate, hardwood, LVT flooring, PVC, or tile flooring for your living room. The grey color gives a shiny appearance to your place, gives it a bright look, and makes your dull place completely beautiful.

By using grey flooring, there are many ideas that you can incorporate into your living room. You can combine grey flooring with any of the interior ideas that look interesting to you. You can customize the interior by using different furniture and paint, including grey flooring.

If you are confused about choosing the best grey flooring idea for your living room, then we are here to give you the 10 Modern Grey Flooring Living Room Ideas suggested by the world’s most famous interior designers that you can use in your house. Without further ado, let’s discuss the most popular and beautiful grey flooring ideas for your living room.

1. Grey With Black

None of the interior ideas can beat the blend of black and grey. If you want to add a glorious look to your place, then you can add black with the grey flooring. You can get black couches or sofas with beautiful grey laminate flooring.

This flooring idea is one of the most trending these days in posh homes. Incorporating this idea into your living room can change the look of your place altogether and make it adorable for your guests. You can also add black cushions on a grey sofa or dark grey cushions on black couches.

2. Gentle Colors With Grey

If you want to add a contemporary look to your place, then you can blend grey with a pop of beautiful bright colors. With the grey flooring, you can add gentle colors to your place. Paint your walls with a matt pink color. As grey and pink are deadly combinations, they can bring grace to your place.

You can color the signature wall of your room with any light colors other than grey. Add a black couch with a beautiful cushion on it. Color the cupboards in your room in a combination of dark and light grey, and it will definitely look outstanding and cool as well.

3. Grey Carpet Floor

If you want to add carpet flooring to your place, then the grey carpet is ideal for you. It can be adjusted to any of the furniture and looks stunning with it. You can add a grey carpet to any type of interior. It is equally luxurious for modern and retro interior looks.

You can add a grey carpet to your living room and pair it with black, grey, or navy furniture, or any other furniture of your choice.

4. Grey With Dark Navy

Another excellent choice for you is the combination of grey flooring with either a royal blue or dark navy theme. You can choose this theme for yourself if you like dull colors. This is one of the decent flooring ideas for your living room that you can use to make your place more presentable and welcoming for your guests.

You can add shiplap to this theme to glorify your room. You can select the upholstery of your sofas in royal blue and the cushions in dark navy to customize the theme according to your taste.

5. Light and Bright Grey Flooring

If you don’t want to add one-color-flooring in your living room, then it is best to use the bright and light color grey flooring in your room. It will give you more space to decorate your room, either dark or light, and also make your room more enchanting.

You can use double-shaded wooden flooring Dubai in your room, which makes your place look more spacious and wider than before. It is the designer’s advice that if your room is small and you want to make it brighter and look wider, then you must add light colors to your room.

6. Grey With Metallics Glamor

Grey flooring is a beautiful addition to your place, but for decoration, you must think about whether it should be grey or any other color. If you don’t want to add grey furnishings to your living room, then it is best to place some metallic furniture in the place.

You can use black metallic book stands, metallic tables, or metallic picture frames in your place if you want to make your place unique to others.

7. Monochromatic Grey

People who like monochromatic coloring in their rooms can also choose the monochromatic grey theme idea in their living rooms to make them more charming. For monochromatic grey, place everything in your room in the same shade of grey.

The color of your flooring and the upholstery of your furniture in your living room must be in the same color scheme. This creates a very captivating environment at your place without costing too much. You can use any type of flooring for this living room idea, but laminate grey flooring may prove best for you.

8. Dark Grey Rug With Grey Floor

Can you imagine a floor with a dark grey rug on a light grey floor? Of course, you can, because it is your dream flooring idea. To follow this idea, you must use epoxy flooring in your living room because it can brighten up dull places. 

After installing the grey flooring, it’s now time to choose the dark grey rug for your floor. There are many rugs available on the market, but we suggest that you use handmade rugs because they have their own grace. Please remember to install the carpet underlay under your rug to make it safe for your home.

9. Dark Grey Hardwood Flooring With White Furniture

This is another exciting idea to make your place more and more appealing. Now you can add dark grey or dull grey hardwood flooring to your living room or bedroom where you want to add the warmth of the design. You can use any design on the hardwood flooring and then use all white furniture on it.
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White furniture will completely change the look of your place along with enhancing the charm of your living room. You can easily imagine the combination of dark and light themes in your living room, so the idea of light and dark themes in your living room must entertain you. White furniture illuminates your room and makes it look more comfortable for you. 

10. Grey With Natural Touch

No one can deny the beauty of indoor plants, especially when they are in your living room. If you don’t want to invest your money in buying new furniture and still want to change your theme, then it is best for you to give a gift of indoor plants to your place.

You can place beautiful green indoor plants on your grey epoxy flooring, which can increase the attractiveness of your place without giving your budget a punch. You can also hang some small flower pots from the ceiling of your room to give it a more dramatic look.

Which Grey Flooring Is Best To Use In The Living Room?

Although it totally depends on your choice, you may either like epoxy flooring, laminate flooring, vinyl flooring, engineered flooring, or PVC flooring for your living room. But if you are asking for the best, according to interior designers, laminate, LVT, and PVC flooring are the best for living rooms.

Living rooms are the high-traffic areas, so they must have heavy duty flooring because flooring that needs high maintenance is not good for this place. Select a very competitive floor for your room. It must be beautiful.

Cost of Installing Grey Flooring In Living Room

There is no fixed price for the installation of flooring in the living room. Rates may be increased or decreased according to the type of flooring. If you are selecting wooden flooring, then it will definitely cost much more than LVT flooring.

The cost of grey flooring for your living room is estimated to be between $8 and $15 per square meter. You can select any type of flooring in grey according to your budget.


Now you know all about 10 modern grey flooring living room ideas, so you can select any of them according to your taste. I have mentioned the most popular living room grey themes. You do not need to follow them strictly. You can also make your own customized living room version by using the above 10 grey living room ideas.

You can add a good point from one flooring idea to the most appealing theme of another design and create a new style of living room out of them. Best of luck with the decoration of your living room by giving it a contemporary touch.

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