10 Benefits of Owning a Doodle

Because doodles are not classified as purebred dogs but rather a hybrid crossbreed, many will not give them much consideration. But these dogs are taking the nation by storm, and you might wonder why that is. Here are ten benefits of owning a doodle dog in 2022.

#1 Different Energy Levels to Choose from

With doodles, you can search far and wide for your dream pup because there’s such a large variety of doodle dogs today. Several doodles are on the moderate to high level of energy and require more physical activity day to day. The high-energy doodles make a great companion for someone who is very active outdoors and spends time hiking, swimming, or camping, where one of these doodles can easily keep up. Doodles on the lower end of the scale do great as indoor-only dogs and enjoy intimate relationships within the household, never needing many adventures outside of their home. Because of the extensive range of energy levels, it’s easy to find a doodle that fits your specific needs.

#2 Multiple Size Variations to Choose from

Similarly to energy levels, doodles come in varying sizes to complement each owner’s specific needs and preferences. Whether you need to fit your apartment building’s pet weight requirements or prefer a smaller dog that costs less to feed, there are doodles as small as 2-4lbs to meet those needs. Suppose you’re in the market for a large breed doodle and want something with more mastiff tendencies; you might go for something like a Mastidoodle or a Newfypoo who top the charts at 110-150lbs. There is plenty of size variation to fit anyone’s idea of the perfect dog.

#3 Great for Family Living

Doodles have quickly become a very highly sought-after family dog. After all, who wouldn’t want a dog that perfectly suits your family’s needs? There are so many doodle breeds that it can be effortless to pinpoint a doodle that fits your size, energy level, personality, coat type, and color preferences. Many doodles today have great temperaments and overall personality traits that you really can’t lose! Take maltipoos, for instance; a sweet, small companion that can fit in nearly any house size, perfect for the elderly, and very affectionate with kids and other animals. What else do you need in a family pet? 

#4 Huge Variation of Coat Textures and Colors

The variety doesn’t stop at size and energy level! The coat textures and colors are nearly endless for most doodle breeds. Some doodles come in wavy, curly, and even straight coats with varying maintenance levels. The colors can range from solid to multiple colored dogs (parti and tri-colored) and can even vary in pattern, often showing sable, merle, or even fading coat colors that change over time.

#5 Less Chance of Having an Allergic Response

There are times when someone genuinely has severe dog allergies that cannot be eliminated entirely. However, some can have their allergies mitigated through certain coat types. The long-standing question is, “Are doodles hypoallergenic?” Some say no, not truly, while others say yes. But the truth behind the hypoallergenic coat is that people aren’t usually allergic to the dog hair itself. Many people with mild asthma or allergies are allergic to the dog’s dander or skin flakes. Having a non-shedding coat certainly won’t eliminate the dog’s dander. Still, it will prevent dander from becoming airborne more easily by keeping it contained under the surface of your dog’s coat between professional grooming appointments. This is what allows people with allergies to own a doodle dog with little to no issue! However, it is essential to note that allergies can range in severity and even cause. While someone may be allergic to a dog’s dander, another person may react to proteins in a dog’s saliva or urine. The bottom line is that doodles are not one size fits all, so if you suffer from allergies, spend time with a doodle as a test run before purchasing one of your own!

#6 Little to No Shedding

This is one great benefit even outside of allergies! Many families with small children (and lots of sticky hands) prefer dogs who don’t shed to minimize the mess and continual hair clean-up. The non-shedding coat of a doodle is a bonus for anyone who doesn’t want the added stress of cleaning clumps of hair out of their vacuum cleaner or doesn’t want a handful of hair when petting their best friend in the springtime. Doodles from reputable breeders typically have great coat qualities through properly paired genetics for each litter. However, some backyard breeders don’t complete genetic testing, leaving the coat quality up to chance, resulting in a doodle who sheds. Fortunately, some unique doodle breeds, such as the whoodle, which has two non-shedding parenting breeds, allow for no error in the offspring’s coat. You can rest assured that these “double doodles” will be guaranteed to have a quality doodle coat.

#7 Doodles Are Better for Cuddling

Let this one sink in! Imagine you’re cozied up to your four-legged friend watching a YouTube video 20 minutes before heading out to a casual dinner with family. No need to pull out the lint roller and free yourself from the dreaded hair that’s plainly visible against your black jeans. You’ve got a doodle! Thanks to their non-shedding coat and lovable personality, you’ll get your teddy bear cuddles in with no evidence afterward; you certainly won’t have to worry about dog hair falling off your hoodie into the food while you’re reaching across the salad bar. Thank goodness for that.

#8 They Can Still Participate in Sports and Events

Many pet owners enjoy showing their dogs or competing for prizes and titles. Despite being a mixed breed dog, Doodle dogs can still compete in physical sports and other competitions, including obedience, agility, flyball, dock diving, barn hunt, lure coursing, etc.

Note: Doodles and mixed breed dogs are excluded from one event! They won’t be allowed to compete in the conformation ring since they do not have an official breed standard.

#9 They Get Along with Other Pets

Most doodle dogs are generally inquisitive, calm, and friendly to humans and other pets. The characteristics can vary since each dog has their own distinctive personality. But generally speaking, doodles are all very friendly and sociable. You can avoid common fear or aggression-based behavioral issues by ensuring your doodle receives proper socialization from a young age. Some doodle dogs, such as the Goldendoodle, are bred to be exceptionally sociable, outgoing, and friendly to anyone they meet!

#10 There’s a Doodle for Nearly Every Lifestyle

No matter the parameters you’re looking to fit into, there’s a doodle for just about everyone. Whether you’re searching for a small teddy bear-like affectionate doodle pup or a sizeable adventurous doodle dog to carry his own pack on a hike, you’re bound to find a new best friend that fits your needs with more benefits than any other dog out there. 

After hearing the upper hand these doodles have on other purebred dogs, it’s no wonder these designer breeds are making headway!

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